How Thought Forms are created in your Akashic Records

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How Thought Forms are created in your Akashic Records

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What are Thought Forms and how do they affect us?

This article addresses the energetic nature of Thought Forms.  It discusses how they are formed energetically, and how they interact with our Personal Energy in the Akashic Records.

Have you ever noticed this?   When you interact with an idea or thought that resonates with you positively, you get a big rush of energy!

This is especially true when we resonate strongly with a Thought Form or new idea.  Our Personal Energy Field senses a ‘match’ with the information being transmitted to us.  Then we get a big rush of confirmation or agreement.

This is equally true when we DISagree with a Thought Form or idea.  There is a rush of energy, and we know we disagree, so the feeling or emotion is a different type of rush.

Thought Forms are literally the thoughts that we think in 4D

thought formsThought Forms are literally the thoughts that we think, and they exist in 4D, or fourth-dimensional reality.

We are all thinking different thoughts and creating ideas all the time.  When we do so they are then created at the level of thought in 4D.

Some thoughts we only think once and then they are gone, just like a bubble that pops.  Some other thoughts are repeated over and over.

These thoughts may relate to value codes, family values, or even religious practices.  If so, it’s likely that a lot of people in your environment are thinking the same thoughts too!

When Thought Forms become a part of our daily reality through action, they have shifted through 5D into 3D.  How does this work?

5-D, the Akashic Records, and 3D

While we are considering acting on our thoughts, the thoughts themselves become possibilities and probabilities in 5D or fifth-dimensional reality.  This level of reality vibrates at the same resonance as the Akashic Records.

Once we take action by resonating energetically with a Thought Form, then the Thought Form may manifest into solid matter.  A thought becomes a thing in 3D or third-dimensional reality.  This manifestation happens through sustained action, by making a choice or decision repeatedly.

When we take this sustained action, our actions, feelings, and circumstances are ‘recorded’ in 5D, aka the Akashic Records!

A great example to demonstrate this process in action is the idea of New Year’s resolutions

At New Year’s, people may think about making a lot of changes in their life as a new beginning.  These ideas and thoughts can be things like getting fit, losing weight, tidying the house, or starting a new exercise regimen.

A lot of thought ‘bubbles’ are created!  The person may join a gym, start pulling things out of cupboards, and go running or walking before work or before the rest of the family wakes up.  After a while, the enthusiasm generated around the new ideas drops off.  The person lets go of one, several or even all of their New Year’s resolutions.

The reason the Thought Forms or bubbles pop is because the person doesn’t have enough Vital Force Energy, prana, or chi to support all those changes at once!

It’s exhausting to uphold more changes than a person has energy for, and so inevitably the choices are not upheld in the long term.

Next year, try just one New Year’s resolution that really, really matters to you, and you may find you have more success!

Which Thought Forms Serve us, which don’t, and how to clear them?

As we grow and change through life, we may discover that some thought forms no longer serve us.  This can be simply because we mature as a person.

This shift can also relate to a change of beliefs around a system or lifestyle.

If our beliefs and belief systems are a tree, imagine our Thought Forms as the leaves and flowers produced by the tree.  When we shift our beliefs, what we ‘produce’ as the result of ideas also changes for us.

This is why when someone has an epiphany or major awakening of some kind, they may suddenly change completely.  This change may reach from how they have lived or even behaved.  The energetic nature of our belief ‘tree’ has completely shifted!

What about Thought Forms that may be lodged in our subconscious, or even Past Lives?

How do we shift and change unconscious Thought Forms, or Past Life blocks and restrictions, to effect change or spiritual evolution within ourselves?

Modern psychology tells us that over 95% of our decisions are influenced by our unconscious mind and our unconscious thoughts.  Through Past Lives and uncleared karmic patterns, we can be unconsciously attracting those repeating patterns in the present life.

We may also be laboring under the weight of Thought Forms that no longer serve us in the present life.  These are often installed through intention or habit by our parents, carers or other close family members.

When I work with clients through the Soul Star Reading, I access the client’s Akashic Record before the call and ask for any karmic patterns to make themselves known from the client’s record.

This is so that I can discover what energetic blocks and restrictions are present for the client and ready to be released.

Sometimes these energetic blocks and restrictions that are needing to be released are Thought Forms!

Karmic patterns are made up of energetic blocks and restrictions, which prevent Vital Force Energy from flowing.  Vital Force Energy is also known as prana, or chi, and contributes to our sense of well-being, purpose, and happiness.

So, it stands to reason that anything restricting our sense of well-being, purpose, and/or happiness, needs to be released and cleared!

That’s just one reason to have an Akashic Records Reading, specifically the Soul Star Reading, to clear Thought Forms and any other energetic blocks and restrictions that no longer serve us.


I hope you enjoyed this different perspective on the Thoughts that you think!

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She always recommends beginning with the Soul Star Reading!

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