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Align your life with your heart | A new paradigm for the New Energy

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Align your life with your heart | A new paradigm for the New Energy

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Align Your Life with your heart

Align Your Life with your heartToday I shared a Facebook status from Doreen Virtue’s Facebook Page (the angel lady) about recent energetic events, because I was feeling so low and flat…wondering why.

As I reread the post again today one part really resonated for me – here it is.

“Remember that everyone around you is experiencing this same energy. So if your friends or family seem unstable or upset, don’t take this personally. Like you, they’re questioning everything and considering making changes to align their lives with their hearts.” Doreen Virtue

But what does ‘align your life with your heart’ really mean?

Interesting to note, my two girls had this conversation with me the other day.  We were talking about the inside of us being more important than the outside, since on our recent travels Callie had noticed a kid walking strangely in a hotel corridor and decided to walk like him at home.

It was completely innocent, she didn’t know that this child was wearing leg braces and not just walking funny, so I explained it to her.  We then had discussions about the inside of us, or our soul or hearts, being as important – if not more so – than the outside.

Both my girls then took the discussion further “It’s about having a good heart” said Callie.  “Yes,” said Arianna, ” but we don’t mean your insides, like your organs and your guts, but how you are as a person”.

Wow do I learn a lot from my children.  So, when ‘how you are as a person’ on the inside is not in harmony with ‘how you are a person’ on the outside, your ‘good heart’ will tell you in some way that there is a mismatch.  In essence, that you need to align your life with your heart.

What is the heart center and how can energy work help a person align their life with their heart?

align your life with your heartAs an EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner, I have learned a lot about heart energy, and how our hearts can be opened sometimes with energy work.  I’ve had clients experience direct physical phenomena from the heart area being balanced and cleared, such as tapping, thumping or throbbing sensations in the chest, often lasting days or weeks after the session is completed.

During an EMF Balancing Technique® session, the heart center is cleared and balanced ‘in order to create greater freedom‘.  (Part of the say aloud, or words we use during an EMF Balancing Technique® session).  If you’re interested in a free introductory 15 minute session online via Skype by the way, here’s the link to my practice site.

The Roby Chart (based on the work of Louise Hay, Dorothy Martin-Neville and Caroline Myss) is a poster which displays areas where beliefs affect your energy anatomy.  It was designed by Cheryl Roby, who after spending years as an IT professional, studied mind/body modalities.  As a Reiki Master Teacher, Cheryl wanted to see an integrated view of all the materials surrounding the work of beliefs plus their effect on your energy body.

As a result she created the Roby Chart (see left).  You can buy the Roby Chart at her site here, there are also Body Wisdom cards and an app available.

The heart area is described as the area where we are “Receiving or giving loving intimacy”.  That will happen if all is going well and we are nurtured, that is.  If it doesn’t, then we can end up with heart walls, or heart blocks, which block our ability to give and receive loving intimacy.

Again, within the EMF Balancing Technique®, the left hand connects to an energetic prism called the Prism of Inclusion, where we receive electromagnetic energy from other than self.  So if that channel is not open or balanced, we don’t feel included.  The right hand connects to an energetic prism called the Prism of Benevolence, where we give electromagnetic energy from ourselves to others.  Giving is another primary way to help us feel like part of our society, so again, if this side is blocked or out of balance, then problems can result.

The originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®, Peggy Phoenix-Dubro, says that “If give and receive are not in balance, then the adventures are endless!“.

Notice how in the Roby Chart, the heart area is shaded green along with the lungs, chest area and arms.  The heart center (energetically speaking) is a lot bigger than we sometimes give it credit for.

Some scientific research from the Heartmath Institute to help you align your life with your heart

Research from the Heartmath Institute tells us that electromagnetically, the heart produces the largest field in the body.

Shifting our emotions changes the emotionally coded information radiating from our hearts to others.  The more positive and relaxed we feel about ourselves, the more positivity and relaxation we can radiate to others.  It can be hard to do this consistently though if we feel we are in a life that is not in alignment with our hearts.

We can either choose to change from the inside out (creating more peace internally with practices such as personal development, meditation and energy work) or change from the outside in by changing our life situations, sometimes a piece at a time is enough to bring us into better alignment with our hearts.

Aligning our lives with our hearts takes work and often some changes that can make you or your loved ones uncomfortable and perhaps even resistant.

Speaking personally, I know that aligning my life with my heart has ultimately resulted in more peace for me and my family.  So, consider ways you may be able to align your life with your heart.  Your good heart will thank you for it!

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