Grand Master Little Master Series – spiritual books for children | A review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Grand Master Little Master Series – spiritual books for children | A review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Grand Master Little Master Series of Children’s Books

Grand Master Little Master

How to create a warm relationship with a grumpy teacher

grand master little master
Grand Master Little Master series of children’s books – a great read for you and your children if you are looking for easy to read books with great spiritual depth by new author Patricia Merker.

These books introduce spiritual concepts to parents and children alike in an easy to read format.

Each Grand Master Little Master book has a child’s story written in a simple format, but don’t be deceived, as you and your children get into the Grand Master Little Master series these books can have a deep and profound effect on you and yours.

Grand Master Little Master key concept

You can call it Grand Master Little Master, or Higher Self and Everyday Self, Soul and Body.  Either way, these books introduce higher spiritual concepts to children of a younger age in a very digestible format.

This is done through the mechanism of the ‘Grand Master’ sending the ‘Little Master’ an empowering message by way of a secret letter left under their pillow, which gives them guidance and suggestions about how to deal with a pressing life problem in a spiritual way.  Even adults could do with a spirit guide or guru like that!

These three books can be read in any order but they work best as a series of three.

“Love Has Many Faces” tells the story of a young boy called Jordan faced with a first grade teacher who seems cold and uncaring to the class.  The boy suffers inside as a result of her behavior and wonders how to change things.

A letter appears from the Grand Master to the Little Master, suggesting that the little boy look into his heart, giving him the invaluable information that “When an adult is mean to a child, it is not because there is something wrong with the child.

The Grand Master also suggests that the Little Master look into his heart, and find a way to make his first grade teacher smile and be warm with the children in the same way that his kindergarten teacher behaved.  The entire class finds a way inspired by Jordan using his Grand Master Little Master skills and the teacher’s heart is warmed.

Two other books in the Grand Master Little Master Series

There are two other books in this series, The Karate Tournamentgrand master little master and The Grand Master Little Master Series: Sink or Swimgrand master little master.

Grand Master Little Master

David and Haley support each other at the tournament

grand master little master
The Karate Tournament sets the scene where Haley, an older girl, nervously attends a Karate tournament, feeling as if she is the only kid who is nervous and under pressure.

The Grand Master comes through in her mother’s voice when Haley’s mother plays a game with her and says “I am one of the Great Grand Masters of the Universe and I am here to tell you that you are a Little master-in-training“.  Haley giggles and goes along with this game, learning a universal rule – What You Give Away Always Comes Back.

Haley learns to apply this rule by giving emotional support to a younger boy at the tournament who admits to her that he is even more nervous than she is.  She realizes also that he only has his grandpa to support him, but he is at the tournament anyway.

Haley does some wonderful things to help her new friend and realizes in the course of the story that empowerment and winning is not all about competition, but sharing and supporting others too.

Sink or Swim – the third book in the Grand Master Little Master Series

Sink or swim addresses a problem area for many children – a strong fear about achieving something that others seem to be achieving easily – in this case, being able to swim.

Little Master Grand Master

What you think can really influence your successes

grand master little master
In the Grand Master Little Master series book Sink or Swim our Karate Tournament hero Haley finds out through letters from Grand Master that when she is afraid of learning to swim, she can choose how to be with her fear –  “If the fear has you, you think it is real.  The voice of fear is telling you that you cannot swim, and you believe it!  What you believe becomes so.  It will live in every cell of your body.  That voice is not who you are“.

Haley learns about positive affirmations and uses those to help her succeed in her swimming lessons.  She also begins to understand the nature of our ‘inner voices’ or internal dialogue, that some of those voices and words are just thoughts and do not necessarily serve us well.

Grand Master Little Master Series by Patricia Merker – Printable Parental Support Material available on the web site

Patricia has created interactive guides in PDF format to help parents get the most out of the Grand Master Little Master book series.

Here are the links to the guides, just click the link and scroll down to the bottom of each page….

The Karate Tournament – Interactive Grand Master Little Master Series Guide

Sink or Swim – Interactive Grand Master Little Master Series Guide

Love Has Many Faces – Interactive Grand Master Little Master Series Guide

Grand Master Little Master Series by Patricia Merker – these books are great tools for parents!

The Grand Master Little Master Series really has me thinking…how can I play the Grand Master Little Master game with my children and what kinds of spiritual growth will it result in for them?

You may find also that one book resonates more than the rest because of personal history…for me it was “Love Has Many Faces”.

There have been times when as I child I was fearful of teachers…if I had received a letter like the one Jordan received from his Grand Master, it would have enabled me to change many feelings about my school days.

These books are powerful tools written in a deceptively simple way.

No wonder Patricia has received a recommendation from internationally acclaimed author Marianne Williamson, who says “The Grand Master Little Master books teach children some very important messages about what it means to live a good and loving life.  May they bless many, many, young minds.”

Ready to introduce your little ones to Grand Master Little Master?


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  2. I love Patricia’s books! My little ones are all grown up now but I’ll read them to my grandchildren someday! Great review!!

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