Have you got the zombie flu? That’s what some people are calling the 2013 flu this year – homeopathy can help

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Have you got the zombie flu? That’s what some people are calling the 2013 flu this year – homeopathy can help

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

2013 flu – aka the Zombie Flu

Thought I’d drop a quick post about the flu before the weekend starts – we had it two weeks ago and I am still ‘in recovery’.

I think people are calling it the Zombie Flu because it makes you sit around like a zombie, I know I did.  I lost 4lbs too, which never normally happens with the flu.  Yuck.

So while I was sick with the 2013 flu…

…I went online and did as much research as I was able whilst being a zombie.  I went and checked out my favorite US homeopaths Facebook Page, Miranda Castro, and she published the following note:-

The flu isn’t straightforward this year … I have spoken to homeopaths and patients all over the country and different remedies are needed for different people at different stages of the illness – and in different parts of the country.

 Rhus tox is helping people with severe body aches – stiffness and aching in the joints, and restlessness, with runny noses and fevers (can be high). There may be a nausea – there should be a red tip to the tongue (Rhus tox SRP/confirmatory). This is no cough, no sore throat.

I gave Opium to a friend who looked like an extreme Gelsemium – sleeping around the clock (for 5 days altogether), not thirsty etc. etc. It didn’t work, Nux moschata didn’t work either, I then realized she wasn’t asking for anything. A single dose of Opium worked a small miracle and no other remedies were needed.

 Begabati Lennihan (Boston homeopath) hasn’t had one case of flu in her practice. Considering that there’s an epidemic in Boston this is beyond impressive. She thinks the preventative protocol (courtesy of Sandra Perko) she is using for her patients is a winner so here it is:

  • Influenzinum 9C (single dose) once a week for 4 weeks then once a month (single dose) for the rest of the flu season
  • Influenzinum 30C if in contact with someone who has the flu and/or
  • Influenzinum 30C if flu symptoms develop – Begabati has people take it 3-4 times a day until the symptoms resolve

Oscillococcinum is only working for some people – for those with clear symptoms that match the remedy … I have included the materia medica below FYI.

I suppose you could alternate it with Influenzinum (I never have done this but why not …)

I have started alternating Influenzinum with the indicated remedy (at any stage during the flu including/especially the convalescent stage) and gotten much much better responses than with the remedy on its own.

Influenzinum 9C and 30C are available from:

Washington Homeopathic Products in the US: http://www.homeopathyworks.com (best to order online)

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy UK: http://www.helios.co.uk

Karen Allen (and the French homeopaths) give Thymuline 9C for flus with coughs – especially with patients with chronic respiratory complaints like RAD, asthma and COPD etc.

There’s an interesting discussion here: http://kenthomeopathic.com/homeonet/index.php?topic=1555.0

Thymuline 9C is available from:

The Homeopathy Store in the US: http://www.homeopathystore.com/products/thymuline

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy UK: http://www.helios.co.uk

2013 Flu

What worked for me and mine with 2013 flu

This time, the Oscillo didn’t seem to work for us.  I didn’t have the Influenzinum in until later (we were too busy sitting around like zombies at the time) so I can’t vouch for it, but I trust the researchers here.

What really helped my oldest was Ignatia Amara as a cough remedy.  Many people are having a pervasive, retching cough afterwards and poor Callie (age 10) just couldn’t stop, even at night.

So I looked up cough remedies and matched the symptoms from this excellent site http://homeopathyplus.com.au/coughs-and-how-to-treat-them/ and this one matched…

Ignatia amara (Ign.)

Dry, hacking, spasmodic cough, where the more the patient coughs, the more the irritation. Whooping cough (see Dros). They are unable to take a full breath and sigh frequently.

The real giveaway for me was that the cough was dry (e.g. not producing phlegm) and the sigh or groan at the end of the cough.

I gave the first dose at midnight and then a second one 15 minutes later (she was seriously coughing at night despite anything else I had tried).  I used muscle testing and intuition to figure out the dose.  I got an intuitive hit that “that would be enough until 3am“.

Sure enough, at 3.03, the coughing started.  One more dose whilst she was half asleep and she slept through until 10am.  Oh the relief (for everybody!).

I hope this post helps you.  Feel free to share with any other friends that may be suffering with the Zombie Flu and need some extra help.

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  1. penelope says:

    Maybe someone can help? I have been a patient for 20 years and studied for 5. Thought I waas doing great with the homeopathic self care (Aconite> Oscillo> Bryonia) But now it just dragging on. Alright well its only been dragging on 3 days but I got off to such a great start I’m now running out of patience.

    Bryonia was just an intuition. I found myself lying completely still watching each breath and sleeping that way. I suddenly remembered the “motionless” of bryonia and so the nasty headache/ eyeball ache/light sensitivity/cant even walk upstairs to get more water/weakeness resolved in 24h as well as the heat/chills.

    But now I’m left with a bright red nose bulb which kind of tickles, is hot and I get relief from holding it (pressure), blocked nose but not much mucus, alternating nostrils, blowing it way more than the amount of snot requires 🙂

    I continued to try Bryonia for a couple of days and also just now one dose of Occsilo, but I could really do with some help. Anyone?


    • Hi Penelope – sorry you are going through the mill with this thing – believe me I did too and my girls had it at the same time so it was difficult.

      You could try the Influenzinum as Miranda Castro and her group suggest in this article -Oscillo is not working as well for everyone who has the full-on symptoms with this particular strain of the flu.

      My intuitive ‘niggle’ also says Gelsemium – if you have the very heavy feeling including heavy eyelids…and you feel ‘gobsmacked’ as we say in the UK – kind of a surprised but fixed expression including those eyelids and drained, drained, drained.

      Lastly I feel pulsatilla – for the person who wants ‘everything and nothing’. Might help with the pesky mucus.

      Wishing you health and wellness.

      A Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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