10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence

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10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence

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10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence

Here are 10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence.

10 things you don't know about Sarah LawrenceA colleague of mine on a Facebook group, Ken Jacques, recently wrote a blog post about himself – ten things you didn’t know – and I laughed all the way.

Ken used this idea to cure writer’s block when we bloggers get stuck – an excellent application.

I don’t usually get writer’s block, I just lack writer’s focus.

I come up with several great ideas, tweak my blog, dabble on Facebook, Twitter, etc, learn something cool about online software and then realize I wanted to write something before I collect the kids from school.

Well, sometimes it’s a bit more organized than that!

Celebrating 150 posts to date!

This blog is going to be around for a while longer.

I’ve just reached the 150 mark with my blog posts, I thought it was time for a little author recap.  Or madcap.  We’ll see.

Since the focus of this blog is normally about spiritual subjects and alternative wellness, I haven’t chatted that much about myself.  So here goes with my 10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence.

1.  First in the list of 10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence – I love chocolate – way too much

As a Brit abroad I haven’t truly adapted to Hershey’s.  I still love UK chocolate sometimes, I am buying organic these days and do my best to make the bar last.

Then it calls my name from the cupboard, and it’s all over.

I’ve read all the articles that say dark chocolate is better for you (and I believe them), but the taste isn’t as kind on my buds as the milk chocolate.

2.  I was an 80s fashion victim

Well, it WAS the ’80s.  From Flashdance to the Thomson Twins, I’ve worn it all.

The sleeveless sweatshirts, studded belts, Olivia Newton-John shiny pants from Grease, long earrings, teased-up hair, and moon boots.

Once at work, I remember one boss patting my shoulder because I had done something well and exclaiming.

We figured out between us that I was wearing not one, not two, but THREE sets of shoulder pads.  (Coat, jacket, blouse).

It’s a wonder any of us fitted into cars and doorways in those days.

3.  I went around the Maypole the wrong way on May Day at school

I maintain it was Philip Ambrose’s fault.

He was my partner and kept squeezing my hand so it hurt and giving me Chinese burns (twist the skin around the wrist two different ways).  Probably in the US, they call it something different.

Anyway, we were all doing great up to the final unwinding part and I zigged when I should have zagged.  I ran off crying and hid.  I can laugh about it now but I did feel a fair bit of shame at the time.

4.  I have flown on Concorde

I was lucky enough to win a prize whilst working for one company (the one where I wore lots of shoulder pads).

My first husband and I got to fly out over the Atlantic on Concorde and eat lunch at Mach 2.  It was really cool and I remember being told to touch the wall.  The walls got warm when Concorde went supersonic.

5.  My first job was at the BBC as a Secretary – 10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence

There are lots of things I’ve never regretted, three being learning shorthand and typing and getting a job at the BBC instead of going to university.

It was A LOT of fun, the jobs I did were more like internships than secretarial jobs (and as badly paid!).

I got to help organize the first-ever Soap Opera conference and met Julia Smith, the producer of EastEnders, just as it was starting, amongst others.

Also got to read about how a Dalek operator from Dr. Who got a splinter in his bum and had to sue the BBC.

During my time there, I drank lots of BBC tea, ate BBC doughnuts and bacon sandwiches doled out by grumpy BBC tea ladies.

I even typed up traffic reports on a manual typewriter (with Tippex) to take to Steve Wright on a Saturday morning to earn extra money.

OK so here we are the halfway mark, 10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence.

6.  I once caught a 16ft reef shark

On a hard-earned vacation on Fesdu in the Maldives, we had an inclusive evening fishing trip with the local fishermen.

They paddled us out into the ocean on a fairly small boat and gave us all pieces of tuna and basic hook and twine lines wrapped around a crushed soda can.

(People in the Maldives don’t have much – they treasure what they have and live in one of the most beautiful areas of our planet).

Other people’s bait kept disappearing and we weren’t quite sure why.

I used to catch crabs and fish in the UK so jiggled my line about like my dad showed me – then it seemed to get stuck.  I thought I had accidentally hooked it to the boat.

I asked one of the fishermen to help (it had got dark by then).  He got a flashlight and shone it down into the clear water…I saw a little shark and said so.

He said

“No lady – beeg fish, beeg fish!”.

His buddy came over, held onto his ankles and he leaned over and started pulling.

Up came the fish in a few minutes from several feet below.  It was a reef shark, teeth and all, its’ body as long as the boat.

The reason they pulled up the line?  Despite the shark’s teeth, they needed their hook back, and sure enough, the guy hanging over the side pulled the hook out with his bare hands.

7.  I helped create a business idea using a rude British hand signal and a smiley face

In the UK our equivalent to ‘the finger’ is the ‘two-finger salute’ or V, (two fingers up, palm facing you, as opposed to palm outwards, which is the peace sign).

This often causes me consternation in the US, because servers will unknowingly flip the V at me when saying “You want two glasses of water?”.  I have to be careful not to flare my nostrils – they know not what they do!

So, my good friend Nicky and I had designed a keyboard skills course to help people learn to type with all of their fingers in just one day.  This was designed to help people who tap away with two or so fingers.

When I ran those courses, I thought people would be done with keyboards in 10 years.  I was so wrong!

Anyway, we needed a catchy line for the campaign and after an evening in the pub came up with “Do You Show Your Keyboard Two Fingers?” as in the British rude hand signal.

We also created a logo that was a smiley face (I didn’t know ANYTHING about Wal-Mart in those days).  People loved our smiley ad and used to cut it out, make masks with it at meetings or pin it up on their office wall.

No one knew anything about emojis then!

8.  I threw up in a teacher’s lap when she forced me to eat something

It was Manchester Tart.  This type of dessert was offered at my little English village school where we all moved our tables and chairs around so that the dinner ladies could serve lunch.

The food was great – my mum used to bike past on her way to the shops and tell me from the smell what we were having “Roast lamb today, right?”.

I have never liked custard.  I will never like custard.  It just hits my gag reflex.  But Miss Smithwright said I had to eat my Manchester Tart.  (Pastry, strawberry jelly/jam, cold pink custard, coconut on top).  I had eaten the pastry, the jam and scraped off the coconut.  There was the custard sitting there in all its pink wobbly glory.

I did warn her.  But Miss Smithwright was ‘mustard’ so I did what she said.  After I threw up, she never sat next to me again.

9.  I had a house-trained white lop rabbit that liked people’s shoe-laces

I traveled a lot in my job (back to those shoulder pads) and needed a pet that could tolerate absences.

So, Honeybunny the lop-eared rabbit entered my home and was (fairly) house-trained.  She had a fixation with shoelaces though.

Once an adult, she was about 1ft long (that’s a small lop rabbit).  Was pretty funny to watch the consternation on friends’ faces when they found a large white rabbit attached to their shoelaces.

10.  I’ve had most of the hairstyles under the sun  – je ne regret rien

We’ve all done it, but I’ve probably done it more than most.

The buzz cut, the Tina Turner, the blonde highlights (maybe regret that one a little – I looked like a skunk).

Short, long layered, Annie Lennox impersonator, Jennifer Anniston’s ‘do’ from friends (that one went VERY well with shoulder pads!).

I still regret nothing.  My current hairdresser does a great job hiding my greys these days.

Thanks to my mum and dad I did end up with a great head of hair.  These days I’m finally doing what my mum used to exclaim and wish I did – have a nice, classic, cut.

Still, we all live and learn!

I hope you enjoyed my 10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence.


Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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  1. Ken says:

    Love it Sarah, I still remember a girl that threw up on the bus in Grade 2. For some reason those moments seem to stick with us.

  2. Naomi says:

    We need more pics for #2!

  3. Liz says:

    Loved reading this!

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