King the talking horse and how he gave me a gift

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King the talking horse and how he gave me a gift

talking horse

Talking horse?  King, the horse who whispered back

The family and I went away for a short break to a nearby chain of lakes in Oklahoma over the last few days.

While we were there I gained an appreciation for the natural beauty of north eastern Oklahoma and had a surprise experience.

My youngest girl wanted to go horse riding, so we did.  Luckily there was school nearby that offered trail rides also. I haven’t ridden for years (and even then, not very much!) so I got really nervous.

She was so keen to go though, that despite a bit of a panic attack beforehand on my part (looked for my Rescue Remedy, couldn’t find it, so took Heart Remedy instead!)…it worked…we went, and it was amazing.  I really didn’t want to let my little girl down.

We saddled up!

My youngest rode Dalmatian, a small black and white spotted horse, my older daughter rode Bandit, a light chestnut, I rode the much bigger King, also a light chestnut and my husband rode on Raven, a beautiful dark chestnut horse with a white stripe down his forehead.

When my youngest hopped on the horse, her smile made it all worth it!

I was nervous about climbing on, but they had steps (phew) so it was OK.  For the little riding I’ve done, I’m used to riding British style but I found the American style saddle very comfortable.

My horse made me stay present and mindful…or…

King (my steed) was very amenable and actually went where I steered him.  Well, most of the time, he did go off trail a little to steal some big mouthfuls of grass.

If I paid attention 100% then he didn’t do that.  If I went out of present mind just a little, there he was putting his head down and grabbing a bite!

So there we were, ambling behind our guide on an hour long trek in the Oklahoma countryside,  beautiful butterflies zooming around us and the horses patiently walking in line.  (Except for Raven, who proved to be a bit of a character and made my husband earn his cowboy hat!).

Being me, thought I’d try something spiritual

During my experiences so far with the Akashic Records, I’ve noticed more of a psychic ‘channel’ opening up between myself and animals (not to mention plants…we’ll come to that in another blog post).

I’ve had several interesting chats with my dog recently – as strange as it may sound – so I thought I’d try and see if I could connect with King.

I couldn’t open the records since I didn’t have my written prayer handy to read from, but shifted my mind to a place where the consciousness feels similar.

I said in my mind

“Hi King, thanks for taking me for a ride today, hope I’m handling you OK?”.

An answer came back…

“Yes, thank you madam, you’re doing quiet well!”

Wow. Was that just in my mind or was I really chatting with him?  A talking horse!

I asked him

“Do you have a good life here?”

“Oh yes madam, quite good for somebody of my station”.

Now did he mean that or was I getting sarcasm from a horse…hard to tell!

I asked him did he come from here and he said

“No, I was moved here from South Carolina”.

I tried to validate where he might have come from later (without mentioning the psychic part!!) but the guide didn’t know.

Then it went quiet – no more talking horse

Probably because I went back to concentrating on steering him correctly and staying in place in the line.  I now understand the attraction of horse riding, it keeps a person connected with nature and 100% present.

Towards the end of the ride without actively asking any more questions I heard

“Thank you for the grass, madam!”

Heh.  Not that I had a lot of choice in the matter – he knew he was stronger than me!  Beginning to wonder if this horse has a dry sense of humor.  After that, more silence.  That was it. I thanked him by petting him how the guide told me he likes it.

My oldest daughter had a similar experience

My older girl also reported having a ‘chat’ with her horse too.  She also said that at one point she got sleepy (it was quite hot) and her horse Bandit swung his head around and tapped her on one leg!  I saw the horse swing his head around but I didn’t know why until afterwards.

How interesting.

The horse who gave back

King also gave me an amazing gift.  I have low back pain on and off in the sciatic area both sides.  The long slow ride and movement completely took the pain away and I’ve felt deeply grounded and energetic since.

Perhaps I should go horse riding and horse whispering more often!  Maybe there is more than one talking horse?

Wondering if anyone else reading this has had experience of talking with the animals in general, or horses in particular?

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