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Letter to mum for mother’s day

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Letter to mum for mother’s day

mothers day
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Letter to Mum for Mothers Day

Dear Mum, thank you for everything – I’m remembering you this Mother’s Day.

I was lucky enough to have a mum who took care of all the little things for me.

You always made sure I was clean, fed, had very healthy food, much of it homegrown and all of it home-cooked.

You were a nature lover

By your example I have learned to love nature at the deepest level, feeling the joy of connection with the trees, flowers, birds, and animals as an aliveness that fills my being.

I will always remember your skill with animals, birds, even insects.

The squirrel that used to ‘tap’ on our glass front door for Rice Krispies fed by hand. How did you do that?

The 30 or so hedgehogs that came over from the field opposite to eat the dishes of bread and milk you put out on the full moon.

I still remember the sounds of their honking and grunting as they ran down the sides of our house to the back garden. How did you do THAT?

And the many bees and bumblebees you saved from the cold by feeding them sugar water on a spoon and then letting them go when you had the energy. Just amazing.

This helped me understand that nature is important, that connection is important, and that even the little things in our ecosystem are important. I learned that at home, not at school.

And a tree lover!

Thank you for encouraging my connection with trees.

The trees in our back garden were magical to me because they were magical to you.

The crabapple tree from which you made jelly. The drunken wasps from the leftover apples on the ground! The Rowan tree which you planted to keep the witches away. I always wondered about that.

The cooking and baking

Anyone who knew my mother knew about her cakes, jellies, jams, and cooking skills in general.

The pink gooseberry jam on her homemade scones was not to be surpassed, nor were the scones.

My favorite chocolate cake. The little fairy cakes. The fact that she baked a slew of cakes every single Friday afternoon.

I would come home from school and see her work, her wedding rings clinking on the glass rolling pin. Her pastries were amazing too. And her lemon cake!  I still have friends who remember my mother’s lemon cake to this day.  Worth remembering every day, not just on mothers day!

Her patience

Patiently, she would ride her bicycle down to the local village, bringing back warm baked bread for us to eat.

Even more patiently, she would wash and air our clothes, again and again, ironing them and even our bedsheets to crispness. She didn’t even own a dryer until about the last 5 years of my childhood.

With extreme dedication and patience, she would cook a perfect meal most nights (except for Friday, when dad would bring home fish and chips). She would load up her two-tier trolley and wheel everything in from the kitchen, including the tea tray for afterward.

Her caring

In the winter it was cold in our house upstairs.

She would go first and get the bathroom ready, putting the heater on to make sure it was warm enough for us. I remember the sound of her Teasmade going off in the morning.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I would get tea and digestive biscuits in bed too.

Thank you, mum, for making the simple things joyous, and the everyday things beautiful. I miss you so much, you did such a good job, and worked so hard.

Me and mine miss you. I will always love you. Thank you.


Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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