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Me, my mum and how bedside experiences – spiritual mediumship – with her when she was sick completely changed my life | Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Me, my mum and how bedside experiences – spiritual mediumship – with her when she was sick completely changed my life | Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

spiritual medium
Two Moms On A Spiritual Journey

My Mum and I – pic taken late ’90s

Spiritual Mediumship when my mum was sick?

Some of you may know how this blog started…

My mum got very sick partially as the result of an (unnecessary) H1N1 vaccination.

When she became very unwell she began to speak about the future of our health system, and how

‘in 90 years time, people will no longer die of this type of illness’. (She passed from Pancreatic cancer – at least, that was the diagnosis…).

She knew she had made a mistake having this vaccination (she was 82 at the time) because she told me so, but she was insistent that I start writing about what I know to help others.

So I did what my mum told me…and started this blog.

Whilst my mum was sick I was given the gift of being able to experience the higher spiritual perspective and spiritual mediumship…

I only had two weeks to be with her, so I made the most of it.

I moved her into a hospice in the Spring of 2010 which my brother helped to arrange, drove her there and helped her to settle in.

She was very upset about leaving her little flat which she had very much enjoyed, but she couldn’t feed or take care of herself so we decided it was time for hospice.  I settled her on the hospice bed and we waited for the doctor.

Immediately I heard this voice in my head

Thanks for all you’re doing for Margaret, ducky!

I was completely shocked.  In my shock and surprise I just opened my mouth and said to my mum

Who used to say ‘ducky’?

Completely calm and collected, Mum said

Oh, that’s Tony.

I’ve read the books, been to see mediums in action and knew about spiritual mediumship…and now it happens to me and my family?!!!

spiritual transition

Tony at 21

If anyone has experienced anything similar to this – then you’ll know that reading about spiritual mediumship and experiencing it firsthand are two quite different things.

Tony was Mum’s brother.  They had an unstable childhood after their Mum (my maternal grandmother Amelia) had passed away when Mum was only 7.  Mum was the youngest, then Tony, then Richard (Dick).

Ultimately Tony ran away when he was 13 or 14 and Mum hadn’t seen or heard from him since.  In her mid-sixties she tried to contact him through the Salvation Army and they were able to reunite – a very happy reunion since they had got on so well when they were children.

After their reunion, Tony and Mum would go on drives around the countryside to locate information about their family history and just generally enjoy their time together.  I only met Tony twice, both times I observed the same twinkle in his eye as my mum and a definite sense of bravery and ‘what the hey’ about the world.

I clearly remember him telling me to ‘follow my heart’ if I decided to move to the United States and marry my (now) husband.  He was very definite about it.  Sadly Tony passed on about three years before my mum did.

We were still waiting for the doctor to check mum in

Then I got the image of a fire engine (an old-fashioned one next to a church gate) and the same voice, presumably Tony’s, saying

Remind her about the bell

Mum bowed her head and smiled shyly and then laughed.  She said

We got into trouble.  Tony dared us both to climb on the engine when the firemen were away and ring the bell.  Our dad told us off really badly.

The timeline would have been pre-World War II.  I can only begin to imagine the telling off they would have received!

At that point the doctor arrived and that particular conversation was over.

During those two weeks I was able to continue seeing this experience from the spiritual perspective and have more spiritual mediumship experiences

As things turned out I only had those two weeks with my mum…but I had the honor of giving her reflexology sessions to help make her comfortable, to give her an EMF Balancing Technique® session (I had to give it to her over a three day period…she could only take a little at a time) and to continue to have a number of interesting conversations with relatives who had already passed.

It gave me comfort when I had to leave and return to the States that she truly wouldn’t be left alone, even when living family weren’t with her at the hospice.


Hospice workers are wonderful, by the way!

During this time I was also constantly humbled and uplifted by the beautiful work carried out in the hospice by everyone there – including the volunteers.

Both the doctors and nurses seemed to be very used to the idea of the people in their care being visited by those from beyond the veil – I think I was more surprised than anyone working there, frankly.

Also…the supply of home made cake.  Wow.  Tea and cake is of course a British institution – the love put into those trays of goodies was apparent to everyone.

Thank you to anyone who has contributed to a hospice in any way – you know what a wonderful thing it is.

It’s taken me three years to write this down…

I made notes of all my experiences, today seems to be the day to share them on the blog.

I’d love to hear of any stories you’d be ready to share on the journey.

Until next time….



16 Responses

  1. Catherine says:

    Nicely shared, Sarah ! Working at Hospice is when reflexology found me 🙂 Spending time with those knowingly having very little remaining, is truly an honor. All sorts of revelations seem to perpetually evolve. . . . esp for those of us still muddling here on Earth, for now.

  2. candace says:

    SarahWhat a sweet story and I love the details of “ducky” and “the bell.” Wonderful confirmation…Nice to see the photos of you and your mum and Tony too.My mom had a rough day yesterday, not sure how much longer I will have her, some days I think, years, other days I think…days. Thanks for this perspective whilst I still have her around!love,Candace

  3. Julie Allen says:

    Really lovely to hear more about your time with your mum. And I loved your comments about the hospice. What would we do without tea and cake :-). Made me a bit emotional actually.
    It’s my Dad’s 80th birthday today and my Mum will be 80 next year and I try to appreciate the time I have with them whenever we speak or see each other – not always easy – but getting a lot easier.
    Anyway thank you.
    Lots of love

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Julie.

      Always good to appreciate our parents whilst they are here…then it’s easier later on speaking from experience.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.

      Hugs from over here!


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