5 ways to Pay Attention to Spiritual Signs to Change Your Life for the Better

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

5 ways to Pay Attention to Spiritual Signs to Change Your Life for the Better

spiritual signs

What is a spiritual sign, or a spiritual awakening sign? Signs like this are validation that our wishes, desires, and spiritual connections are being reflected back to us. Energies in the outer world are sending us a message. When we see a sign, it’s very validating.

Definition of a spiritual sign

A spiritual sign is a happening which matches something going on in your inner world. You might feel amazed, enlightened, or even have an ah-ha moment when you see or get the sign.

It’s also not unusual to feel a bit shocked or off-balance when the meaning of a spiritual sign hits you.

Some signs can repeat if you don’t get the message the first time. Perhaps 3 different and unconnected people tell you about a book that you should read. Maybe you keep getting indications of a place you should visit.

To be sure that this is a true spiritual sign it will be something that is deeply meaningful to you.

And it’s likely that these 3 other people don’t know the significance of what they are saying to you.

Yet, somehow they are responding to your energy.

It’s a sign!

A friend of mine once needed me to collect her from the garage where her car was being worked on.

I was relatively new to town and didn’t know where it was – but she reassured me that it would be OK.

She said: –

I think there’s a sign.

When I got near to my destination – I started to laugh. The sign was massive. It was one of those advertisements that is up on a 30-foot pole.

That sign, I couldn’t miss.

Yet sometimes we do miss really big spiritual signs even though they are sticking us in the face.

Here’s a list of different types of spiritual signs to get you thinking about those you might have had.

Maybe you’ll have an a-ha moment reading these – when you realize that a past occurrence was also a sign.

Environmental spiritual signs

using crystals
A quartz crystal with inclusions (other substances), some creating rainbows

It’s true that through Human Design we can get guidance on our Life Purpose. Through interpretation of our present life energy, we can decode that information into career guidance.

Sometimes our Spirit Guides can get a bit more obvious if we are not paying full attention. In our subconscious, we might be asking questions about our careers.

Subconscious or not, it’s in our energy, and Spirit Guides pay attention to that.

When I worked as an IT Trainer, my business partner and I went to a crystal conference.

I was still suited and booted as I had gone there directly after work. I walked up to the reception area, which had a lovely stall selling different types of crystals.

Heightened spiritual environment brought through a message

As I gazed into the cabinet, the woman behind the counter grabbed my arm. I was pretty shocked and backed up a bit.

She didn’t look directly at me but said: –

You have a completely blue aura – you’ve had a past life in Egypt and need to be involved in healing work.

I was somewhat freaked out by this point and didn’t know what to do. I was going to a crystal talk anyway. So, I did the British thing, said ‘thank you’ and quietly walked off.

After the crystal talk, I walked back past the counter where the woman was, and she called out to me. She was very apologetic and asked me what she had said.

I told her, and she said that she was a psychic reader. She was just taking care of the counter for a friend who was on a break.

In future years, I would discover more about my Egyptian connections and get involved in energy work and healing work. At the time, I just thought all of that was rather odd.

Spiritual growth about career – mystery book

I had an opening to the Akashic Records in 2010.

This seemed sudden at the time, but now that I look back I was working on my energy. The preparation work of 5 years of energy work and reflexology practice set me up for the opening.

The spiritual sign came from receiving a book about the Akashic Records that I didn’t order. I was thinking about sending the book back but decided to read it.

When I did, energy moved all over my body. Somehow I knew that I could read my records, and others, from that point on.

With bigger signs like this, we do need to be patient with ourselves. It took me a few years to really gain expertise in reading practice.

Like many readers, I started with friends and then moved on to client work when I felt more confident.

Spiritual Signs from Loved Ones

spirit guides

When a Loved One has passed, such as a family member or close friend, we may look for signs. They may end up being the most memorable spiritual signs of our lives.

When my mum passed in 2010, the amount of signs was overwhelming, almost verging on the ridiculous.

The day after the funeral I was walking to a friend’s house, and received this cloud sign. I believe it was my mum. She drew a cloud person, or maybe even an angel, in the sky.

She always had a thing that she ‘wasn’t an artist’. So the cloud looked like it was being formed using an enormous crayon in big broad strokes. This to me was a part of the message, to show me it was really her.

The clouds moved in the opposite direction

I only have a picture of this, since my phone at the time didn’t have video. But if I had taken a video, you would have seen this cloud shape form against the wind.

It also stood still while the other clouds moved in the opposite direction!

Here’s a post about another big sign that I got from her brother Tony. He connected with me when I took my mum to hospice. He had passed away a few years before.

Read this post to find out how my uncle Tony contacted me when my mum became ill.

Relationship signs

When people are on the search for an intimate partner, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that certain signs show us someone will be the right match.

Often, we are extremely attracted to someone because they have karmic patterns that are similar to ours – so our energy reacts strongly in response to the person.

We are often taught that ‘good chemistry’ means we will have a good partnership. This isn’t always true.

A big attraction to another person can certainly mean that we can learn life lessons with them – but it doesn’t mean they are a twin flame.

I personally have never read for a split soul (the definition of a twin flame) and I don’t believe that such a thing exists.

My experience reading the Akashic Records leads me to understand that people may be drawn together through soul contracts.

The concept of soul contracts is discussed in more depth in this article.

Read this post to learn about the different ways Souls become connected through Past Life relationships.

Remember to use your discernment when excitement rises over a new relationship.

There could certainly be past life issues to solve – but not necessarily in the way you might assume or hope.

Something falling or moving – a spiritual sign

Sometimes Spirit Guides will intervene to answer a question you may have.

My favorite example is from a friend who had just completed a psychotherapy degree. She was wandering around in a bookshop and was thinking about where to start looking for work.

From the top shelf, a book fell to the floor, almost bouncing off her head. It was one of Sandra Ingerman’s books. Sandra Ingerman is a well-known Shamanic practitioner and teacher in the USA.

Later in life, I knew this friend because she was running Shamanic circles in my town.

How to awaken our sensitivity to Spiritual Signs

How can we become more aware of spiritual signs in our daily life?

To help focus our awareness, take up practices that help us to be in the body. Any form of body-based practice will make us more mindful and present.

Here’s a short list of activities to help you with your Spiritual Sign-spotting practice: –

Then, that really big sign will then be more obvious to you.

Unlike that garage sign when I thought I was lost – it won’t have to fill the sky just to make itself known.

You’ll just know it’s a sign!

I hope you enjoyed this post, perhaps you’ll also like my post about 12 personal spiritual awakening signs.

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  5. Blog Otylia says:

    Your exploration of spiritual signs is thought-provoking, highlighting the intricate ways in which the universe communicates with us. The anecdotes, such as the crystal conference encounter and the cloud sign from your mother, vividly illustrate the depth of these messages. I’m curious about your perspective on whether individuals can consciously invite or amplify these signs in their lives. Have you found any practices or mindsets that foster a greater sensitivity to spiritual signs?

    • Sarah Lawrence says:

      Hi Otylia

      Thank you for your kind comments. I really starting writing, and a deeper spiritual practice, as I began to make sense of all the experiences I’ve had (quite a few as a young girl, which I didn’t know what to do with, so stuffed them away and didn’t talk about them for years!). My adventures into different energy modalities and energy reading came about because I wanted answers for me, as much as anything. After over 20 years of enquiry, I would say that the basis of any spiritual practice, for whatever reason, is regular meditation and energy clearing work. Without that, we can’t use our bodies and personal energy as instruments to validate the many messages and signs we may be getting. My practices have been 5 years of energy work for clients, followed by 2 years of reflexology (with clients). Then, when I picked up a book about the Akashic Records, I was clear and clean enough to connect with the electromagnetic energy straight away. So, any work with the Akashic Records will definitely clarify signs for us. As with anything, persistence and – in this case – regular spiritual practice pays off. I’ve been giving Akashic Readings for 13 years now, so regular exposure to the patterns in the Records helps me to understand what is being ‘said’ by the energy.

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