Being psychic is not an attention seeking exercise

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Being psychic is not an attention seeking exercise


Being psychic

I would never have called myself ‘psychic’ or ‘a psychic intuitive’. Never in my wildest dreams!

Often hardcore skeptics discount psychic abilities as attention seeking strategies or falsely devised methods used to manipulate others for a person’s own gain.

Then there are also ‘mentalists’.  As per that series on TV, people who can read others very well and understand them deeply, even down to how a person arranges their thoughts.  That’s not being psychic though, in my opinion.

It’s difficult to hear yet I also have to acknowledge that there are people out there who are using their psychic skills for personal gain, even psychically gifted people who are carrying out morally questionable activities using their gifts – and there are people out there posing as psychics, too, without any true gifts – all for their own reasons.

There are also questionable lawyers, dentists, doctors and celebrities. Add your profession or current occupation here____________________.

It’s a pretty good bet that most of us can point to a ‘bad apple’ in our chosen profession or occupation

Yet all the above examples don’t get the same bad rap that is often applied liberally with a very wet brush to all of those with a psychic ability, for fair reasons or foul.

Those who have psychic abilities plus a moral compass learn (often acquired through the hardest life lessons) that in order to live in peace with our gifts, we have to embrace them.

As part of that process comes the need to talk about them and share our experiences – even if we choose only one or two people who are open to listening for our own personal safety and peace of mind.

In my case, I noticed things about others that I assumed everyone else knew for many years. In my ‘teens I started talking about my experiences with my mum.

At the time (she was a shut-down spiritual medium and energetic sensitive) she would look at me with fear and disapproval in her eyes.

That is pretty strong programming for a young girl, so I did what she was ‘telling’ me and stopped talking about it, with her or with anyone else.

Fact is though, it didn’t stop the psychic experiences happening!

I wasn’t asking for them or trying to seek attention – I was simply living my life – yet they still happened and after a while I was able to make sense of them.

I now know how to make sense of my experiences – I needed to validate them with facts.

It’s a very hard place to be when a person is having visions, clair-audient experiences and sometimes premonitions that come true – yet that person has no-one to talk to who is relatable and able to calm their fears and worries.

For most gifted psychics and psychic intuitives – we don’t ask for experiences, we just get them – and it’s not for the purposes of attention seeking at all

Once a person with psychic abilities starts to embrace their gift – even by simply recognizing their own abilities in their own mind…then synchronistic events start to become more noticeable.

I always hated this particular family friend and couldn’t put into words why this was so (I used to scream when he came near me as a baby and small child). My parents would shush me because I was being ‘rude’.

Later in life my mum told me this family friend would engineer times to be alone with her and make sexual approaches when my dad was absent – she always pushed him away.

(Now that in the psychic world is what we call validation – a skeptic may just call it ‘good instincts’).  Either way, I had an internal knowing (clairsentience).

As part of the spiritual journey we also get the opportunity as psychically gifted people to develop our own moral compass

Should we ‘peek’ at somebody else’s energy without their permission?  I guess we could if we were purely attention seeking or using our gifts for our own personal gain!

For example, just because I can see into my neighbor’s bathroom and they are unaware of it…should I look?   That’s where the moral compass comes in.

Psychic eye saw fish jumping

When out on a celebratory dinner with my husband a few years ago, we were eating in a restaurant and I had a couple of strong drinks.  We were chatting about psychic ability and he dared me to ‘look’ at somebody at the bar.

I did so and in my psychic eye saw these massive fish leaping around the guy’s head.  I thought it was pretty funny in my slightly inebriated state and told my husband.

I then headed out to our truck as my husband paid the check.  He came straight out of the restaurant and told me I was right about the guy I had peeked at.

My husband overheard his conversation whilst paying for our food at the bar – the man in question was a competitive bass fisherman and in the area (Branson, MS) to enter a competition the next day.

I was shocked and in that moment hit my head really hard on the truck door.  Ouch!

These days I understand that as a kind of reprimand from my guides for playing with my psychic gifts

As a psychically gifted person it was time for me to develop my own moral compass and avoid using my gift as a side show, party trick or manipulative tool.

Also the big message was coming through – do not mix spiritual work with alcohol!

These days, I drink very little alcohol since I work a lot more.

And the spiritual journey continues….

What are your experiences of being psychic?

Always interested in your stories…


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