Top 3 Mistakes That Can Prevent Growth In Psychic Ability

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Top 3 Mistakes That Can Prevent Growth In Psychic Ability

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What is Psychic Ability?

Psychic ability can be defined as a form of perception which is outside of more commonly accepted ways of perceiving the world.

We can be intuitive – that is the instinctive part of our senses that works for our personal survival.

When we are psychic, we have abilities which we can grow and train ourselves to use in a focused way.

Doing work like this can enable us to read the world around us as different forms of energy.

Some examples of psychic practices are: –

What mistakes do we make that can block our psychic ability?

Often clients ask me what blocks their psychic ability, or what can be done to improve it?

Both are interesting and potentially enlightening questions.

I believe everyone is sensitive in some way and has innate intuitive awareness.

We are human animals, after all, with instincts and limbic brains. 

We know all this science about ourselves – yet we still like to forget this sometimes and prefer to see ourselves as technological kings and queens of the planet.

Despite all of this we are still learning how to be more instinctive and intuitive.   And we still haven’t figured out how to cure a common cold!

1. Not being in your body

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Most people on the path of spiritual practice love to meditate and have ‘out of body experiences’.

These can be valuable, useful and often informative – yet sometimes just not that accurate from an intuitive perspective.

If you are really interested in developing your intuitive abilities and psychic ability, stay in your body during meditation. 

This is also true if you are interested in simply growing your natural intuition.  Stay in your body rather than floating off out of it!

Your body – a psychic and intuitive instrument

Intuitively speaking think of your body as a powerful instrument. You get a ‘gut feel’ when you think somebody may not be telling the truth.

Something just doesn’t ‘feel right’ when you meet somebody you don’t jive with.

An idea just ‘pops into your head’ at the oddest moment, and it’s a really useful idea!

You realize that you are finally going to hear from your long-lost friend because somehow you just ‘know’ the phone is going to ring.  This happens just a few seconds before the phone actually does ring.

You act a few moments before your kid falls over, throws up or does something silly.  You react ahead of time, as if you knew it was actually going to happen.

That is embodied intuition, and it is very practical. Stay in your body and stay present!

It’s part of being incarnated here on Planet Earth and our Souls are here to experience living.

How we each use our unique intuitive abilities are also part of our Human Design.

2. Do you feel like an imposter?

This can be tough because since we were young many of us have lived in a field of doubt and fear.

We perhaps opened our mouths as children and spoke truths others did not want to hear, so we were ‘shushed’ for it.

When we did get a great intuitive hit or opened to fuller psychic ability, it possibly rocked somebody’s world. 

That’s when we got the ‘look’ that shut us down.

When we do come out in public with an inspired idea or realize the truth of a tough situation this may threaten the status quo. 

Perhaps family members or other people around us others may be invested in keeping the truth from coming out, despite our sudden clarity. 

Seeing others having a powerful intuitive insight can feel very threatening if you don’t know how they did it.

Keep a journal of intuitive hits that can be validated.   If you can vouch for a level of accuracy over time based on your predictions, then you are intuitive and possibly even psychic.

We can be conditioned out of psychic ability

Naysayers can make you feel like this is ‘all in your head’, or you are simply overly sensitive, overly imaginative, weird, or a nut-job. (I’ve been called worse).

Journaling these events and validating them for yourself can make you believe that you really are receiving intuitive hits and that you really can do this – even when other people say you can’t.

So, keep a validating journal.

Surround yourself with more people who also believe, who inspire you and who are positive about developing psychic ability and psychic gifts, rather than being threatened by them, and you.

3. You think too much!

The left brain is great for validation and for making sense of our world, making ordered lists, number crunching, activities like that.

It’s not as intuitive as the right brain, although science does now agree that in order to be inspired and get psychic or intuitive hits, both sides of the brain have to be active. 

Science now says that it’s impossible to be ‘logical’ without some aspects of the right or ’emotional’ brain working at the same time.

Initially, with any psychic or intuitive hit, it’s best not to think too much, even though we are trained to do so.

Energy first, information second

Rather than…”Oh, I felt this, so it must be so and so”, simply go “Oh, I felt this, let’s write it down”.

My first Akashic Records teacher used to say, “Energy first, information second“.

When you are receiving a psychic or intuitive hit it is because the energy of something is connecting with you, your energy field and your chakras or energy centers

Give it a moment.  Notice what it is without defining it or trying to think it into something.

The best readings I have given are when the energy flows and I simply describe the energy to the client.

The client can then usually tell me the significance of the information. Think less and feel more in order to validate yourself stay in your body.

This will help you to avoid the top 3 mistakes that can block psychic ability.

Would you like to find out more about developing your psychic ability? I recommend beginning with the Soul Star Reading to connect with your Akashic Records.


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    This is amazing advice! I appreciate your time and energy you devote to helping so many people aligned with spirit! you are extremely gifted and encouraging!

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