Living out our Human Design Incarnation Cross of Eden in a meaningful way

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Living out our Human Design Incarnation Cross of Eden in a meaningful way

human design incarnation cross

In this month’s podcast, I’m talking about the Human Design Incarnation Cross or Life Purpose of Eden. Both myself and my dad have this incarnation cross or Life Purpose. Read the show notes for details, or listen to the podcast for more.

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June 2023 Podcast show notes

This month I’m talking about living out our Life’s Purpose by discussing the Human Design Incarnation Cross of Eden.

A Life Purpose, or incarnation cross is known as such because it is the sum of your top 4 gates in Human Design.  These gates create a kind of added-up vibrational frequency.  Your incarnation cross is made up of: –

  • Your Design Sun Gate is at the top of the red column on the Human Design Chart.
  • Below that, your Design Earth Gate, the second red square in the Design Column.
  • The Personality Sun Gate that you have.  This is shown at the top right of the black column.
  • Below that, your Personality Earth Gate, the second black square in the black Personality column.

This frequency is somewhat similar to your Primary Energy Center, or Primary and Secondary Energy Centers through your Akashic Records work.

Your Energy Centers represent around 50% of your expression of energy from the Soul.  This energetic expression is eternal and the same life after life.

The sum of the top 4 gates in your Human Design Chart represents a theme or Life Purpose for how your energy may best be expressed in your present life.

How to live out our Life Purpose or Human Design Incarnation Cross Theme

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just receive a download of what to do, or a letter or even an email? 

Unfortunately – or, perhaps wisely – consciousness and its’ marriage with matter is a little more complex than that.

Think of your Life Purpose or Incarnation Cross Human Design meaning as a frequency, a way of being, and also a guide.

What you do with it is then totally up to you.  You can ignore it completely, perhaps choose to take on some aspects of it, or even live in totally the reverse polarity of your Life Purpose!

What might be most useful in a podcast like this are some examples of how a Life Purpose can be lived out, or not.

I’m going to talk about my dear dad who passed away in 1983 when I was 19.  This is to demonstrate how applying the frequency of your Life Purpose can go.

Only 192 Incarnation Crosses and 8 Billion People?

In Human Design, there are 192 possible Life Themes or Incarnation Crosses for a Soul to live out on planet Earth.

This may seem like a small number of themes for 8 billion people and counting!  Yet there are many other factors in play: –

  • our time and location of birth, on our birthday, when our Personality Gates are created.
  • The time and date of birth – calculated backward 88 days to interpret our Design Gates.
  • A complete difference in our chosen genetic expression from any other human.
  • Our unresolved karmic patterns are carried forward from past lives in the Akashic Records.
  • The trajectory of our Soul through many lifetimes, and its reason for choosing our present Human Design.

Back to my Dad and I

We both have the Life Purpose or Incarnation Cross of Eden.

You can think of us as souls that originated from a very high vibrational place where negativity is not such a common factor as it is on Earth.

Now, here we are, incarnated on Earth trying to decipher the incarnation cross of Eden meaning.

My dad’s start in the world was not very Eden-like

Dad had a rough start as a kid.  His dad had to fight in World War I when he was young and came back wounded.

His dad (my paternal grandad) had been gassed in the trenches and lost a lung.  He also lost most of his hair.  When he came home he was almost unrecognizable and died quite young, leaving his wife a war widow.

My dad’s mother had problems of her own, and my dad incarnated quite late into her life.  He was what used to be known as a ‘menopause baby’, which in those days was seen as quite a shameful thing.

His mum struggled to care for him as a child.  So his aunt Nell, his mother’s sister, lived next door.  She had not been able to have children and would make sure he had a bath once a week and a cooked meal. 

This was usually fish and chips.

A hard-working man

human design incarnation cross
My dad rowing a dingy in Shalfleet on the Isle of Wight, during a family holiday

He worked hard as a young man, becoming a production engineer in aviation design.  He even earned his physics degree in night school by teaching other students. 

By the time he met my mum, he was reasonably established.  They both enjoyed their professional lives for the first 8 years or so of their marriage. 

Young house owners

My mum and dad became young house owners and took care of his mother until she passed by having her live with them.  Not too shabby!

My dad had become aware over the years that he was definitely not living in Eden.

As a family man, he decided to create an Eden of his own, by finding a place where we could camp, boat, and fish every year during the school holidays.

He and his best friend restored a boat they bought for £20 (British pounds), it sailed beautifully and lasted for years.

We had a houseboat and then a caravan at the Newtown River on the Isle of Wight. 

I would get very excited about the holidays every year, because it seemed like Eden to me, too.

Eden became our holiday location

My dad would talk a lot about living on the Isle of Wight as an idyllic place, he always enjoyed it and would live his time there fully present with us, rather than worried and distracted.

But then he wouldn’t enjoy his life or his job for the rest of the year.

In one sense, he did live out Eden in his life part of the time, but he struggled to create a balance for himself and us.

It was hard for him to leave the happiness camping and sailing gave him, and return home to work and normal everyday family life.

As you might imagine, this was stressful for my mum and often for us as children. 

Seeing my dad hunched at the end of the dining table, smoking cigarettes every night, and grumping about his job wasn’t the best model of a parent. 

But, in that day and age, it was better than some.

He imagined his idea of Eden often

He would have liked to work with wood as a job or even become self-employed as a wood carver.

However, through a job loss situation found himself in a career where he was a production manager for a sewing thread and embroidery silk manufacturer.

I think he found having to be the fulcrum between management and the shop floor quite hard.  Another way, if you like, in which some of his light of Eden was extinguished.

Living the Incarnation Cross of Eden more fully

When we have the Life Purpose or Incarnation Cross of Eden (myself included here), it can be hard to grow up in a world where most people don’t have the time, money, or focus to learn how to shine from their inner light.

This isn’t as yet a planet where people have the time or energy just to enjoy the bliss of existence. 

This may sound rather poetic, yet it is one way that the Incarnation Cross of Eden can be interpreted.

Inner Light Work

The real key to living the Life Purpose of Eden is to focus on the internal experience of life as a light – literally to find the light within.

Energetic resonance will spread this experience to others if we can manage or allow it. 

It’s impossible to influence others’ internal experiences other than through resonance anyway.

If we can make that internal shift as ‘Edenists’ – at least for some of the time – we’ll be closer to living out our Incarnation Cross of Eden for ourselves, and radiating the light of Eden out for others to see.

Would you like to discover your Life Purpose or Incarnation Cross?

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