What is intuition or the inner voice? Learn to hear it and move forward more easily on your spiritual journey

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What is intuition or the inner voice? Learn to hear it and move forward more easily on your spiritual journey

talking to heaven

The Integratron

What is intuition and are we all psychic?

I believe we’re all capable of using our brains/bodies/minds more than we do, in new and unusual ways and I also believe that we can all make use of our intuition or inner voice.

I’ve certainly experienced that from the many courses I’ve undertaken…not really knowing why I was going…but drawn to the event or location nonetheless, no matter how inconvenient or difficult it was to make the time or to get the funds to attend, somehow it just all worked out.

This is one sign to know that you’re on your spiritual journey.

Attending some events has truly felt like a ‘pilgrimage’ of some kind, especially the one where I headed out into the Californian desert whilst my husband took care of our little ones!

(This picture is an example of where I went on that occasion, The Integratron – an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.)

It’s super cool – sound engineers from around the world travel there to sample the acoustic perfection – built over 50 years ago by a pioneer called George Van Tassel.  Visit their website here.

‘The answer is within’, often irritating, sometimes hard to take, but true on the road to developing your intuition

Several of the spiritual teachers I’ve worked with have mentioned this ‘truism’.  In my experience the further we move down our spiritual path or forward on our spiritual journey, the more comforting, and less annoying, this ubiquitous truth becomes.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the workshops I felt ‘drawn’ to were all part of a journey to take me closer to hearing my own ‘inner voice’ or ‘inner wisdom’.  As Oprah Winfrey says on her masterclass on OWN…(she calls the inner voice the ‘God Whisper’) “first of all it’s just a whisper that makes you think ‘huh’, that was interesting.  Then if you don’t hear that, next, its a brick that hits you in the face, and if you don’t hear that, then it’s a brick wall that falls down on you!”

Learning to pay attention to that ‘inner wisdom’ or ‘inner voice’intuition when studying intuitive development and natural intuition

As an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner, one thing we are taught is the secret of mastery (the secret is practice, practice, practice!).

We know that a great athlete has to practice to make it to the Olympics, we go to a great hairdresser because they’re good at their job and everybody says so and makes referrals…and a good alternative/holistic/spiritual practitioner will be practicing what they teach and ‘walking the talk’.   

That is also why ‘spiritual practice’ is called exactly that, practice

The more we practice, the further we can step forward with surety and inner peace on our individual spiritual paths and connect more deeply with our intuition.  Regular practice in my case involves

  • prayer and meditation morning and night
  • some form of energy movement, walking, yoga, dancing
  • reveiwing interactions with people that didn’t go so well and figuring out how to do it better, next time
  • gratitude practice
  • writing about spiritual practice, either for myself or with others
  • working on use of positive language
  • reading spiritual/personal development books that attract me
  • learning about Universal Laws (for example, the Law of Attraction or ‘like attracts like’)

The more we practice, the easier it gets to sense the ‘inner knowing’ that is intuition

If you are starting out on your spiritual journey, this might seem like a lot to work on.

However the more you practice, the more momentum you will develop and the easier and more fulfilling the journey will become.

When life gets tough, often we want to find our ‘answers’ from others.  This works for our ego, as we may be in ‘fear’ and want a simple answer in order to stop the fear and make ourselves feel easier and more relaxed sooner.

For some things, we do need to ask elsewhere.  As my dad used to say “When in doubt, go to a specialist”.

True dat, when we need a great surgeon, lawyer or first rate house repair.  But to learn how to find our own spiritual way, going inside to contact our own intuition or inner wisdom works better in the long run.  Any courses, reading or practice that give that result for your spiritual journey will be a great investment.


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  1. John Robson says:

    Wonderful post, really got on my knowledge. Thanks for this very much informative blog. Learn the 6 A’s of developing intuition. Overcome blocks to intuition. Experience the power of trusting yourself.

  2. jim says:

    very great write up.if more people would sit with themselves and learn to calm their mind and hear the inner voice, less stress in the daily lives of millions would be achieved.

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