Winner of the Akashic Records Giveaway February 2014

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Winner of the Akashic Records Giveaway February 2014

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Giveaway – the Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway by commenting.

Sixteen – 16 – people entered the Akashic Records Giveaway

Just imagine if all sixteen of you had Akashic Records Readings and took action from them – what might result…and what changes might happen in the world?

There were some beautiful sentiments expressed in your comments too, so thank you for those.


Even though I’m not sure about past lives, I still found my previous reading very helpful and inspiring.

It’s true, many people are not sure about reincarnation…yet an Akashic Records Reading can still be very helpful to a person who doesn’t hold that belief.

Joe is somebody I met via Twitter, who is writing to share his experiences of life despite personal health challenges.  He was joking on Twitter the other day about having a reading for his guinea pig.  Animals have Akashic Records too and they can be read by the way!


I came to this website hoping to find peace and comfort after different life events that had lead me off of my path.

I researched for hours and had a good feeling about this site and Sarah. I have been very eager to get in touch with my spirituality.

That means a lot, Aley, thank you – I’ve worked hard to put this site together in a way and with an intention that the right people will be attracted.


I believe I saw you on Facebook.  It came at the perfect time as I was entertaining the thought about my akashic records.  I hope I’m picked so I know my intuition was right on.  Thank you very much.  Fingers crossed.

Hooray!  The energetic intentions set here are working!

Tricia and Kim are part of a wonderful Facebook group called SoulFully Inspired.  Thanks for entering, ladies!


Found you while doing research for a job I had last year!  :) Subscribed to your newsletters and so glad I did!:)

Glad you found me Valerie (curious about the research?) and glad that you enjoy the newsletters.  If you are new to this site and reading this and not signed up (yet!)….there’s a sign-up box below this post.


Found on FB. Often wonder about my fear of water, etc.  And my home had odd feelings from time to time.  Feel this would be a great learning experience.

Click here for my Facebook page.  Sometimes (not always) intense fears, likes and/or dislikes can have light cast on them from within the Akashic Records, whether it’s an experience from this life, or a past life.

Ann also found me on Facebook, Courtney on Google (always good to know, thank you) and Lisa looks forward to my newsletter!

Willow is a friend of mine – thanks for the lovely words, Willow!

I’ve worked with Tonesha in another realm and then she came to me for a reading and says…

I was amazed at what I learned during my first Akashic Recordings reading and I am very interested in learning more. So glad we connected this year, and I am looking forward to working with you more!

The feeling is mutual, Tonesha!

Kirstin is curious and wants to know how she can access the Akashic Records for herself..and what are the Akashic Records, exactly?

Thank you for your contributions by sharing the information but.more importantly offering the opportunity for a reading.

Thanks Kirstin and you are most welcome!  A lot of people are curious…the Akashic Records work is become more well-known but (as yet) not widely practiced even in spiritual communities, and it’s a wonderful spiritual practice.

For information, I’ll be finishing my Akashic Records Teaching Certification this year and offering online trainings later in the year – watch this space!

So who is the winner of the Akashic Records Giveaway?

Akashic Records GiveawayCheck this photo to find out!  Thanks to my oldest daughter by the way for picking the winner (that is her hand in the photo!).

In the mean time – just take a minute or two to think about the Higher Perspective for a moment.

All of you decided to enter the giveaway for reasons previously stated.

Perhaps there are reasons from the Higher Perspective, or Soul Level Truth, also…

Something called you to this work that is deeper than the everyday, obvious reasons.

Anyone who is interested in the Akashic work, perhaps even only curious, in my experience has within them a point of light ready to be activated.

Just wanted to leave you with that thought!

After all…stranger things have happened and life could change completely…like a Wichita homemaker learning to open her Akashic Records!

Until next time…during April 2014 there will be another chance to win a reading on the next Akashic Records Giveaway!

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