Have You Been Slimed By Energy? How To Know And What To Do

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Have You Been Slimed By Energy? How To Know And What To Do


Sometimes we realize we have been slimed by energy. Maybe you felt creepy vibes from a person or place. Perhaps you just feel off and can’t put your finger on it? Here’s some things to work with and check, so that you can de-slime yourself. Everyone deserves a clean aura!


All is well in your world; you are growing and glowing and then – shazam.

You interact with somebody else or get a creepy vibe from a location and you feel ungrounded. Your previously high spirits have just dropped into your boots.

Up until that point in the day, all was good in your world, until THAT happened.

Now you feel emotionally drained, perhaps even physically unwell. Maybe you have been slimed by energy?

You have no idea where all this cruddy energy came from.  

You need a time out, maybe even a day out, or more – simply to regain your balance.

Slimed By Energy – What is Energy Made Of?

One of my main areas of study has been about the nature of our energy fields. I have studied how our auras or personal energy fields can affect each other.

The energy of other people can affect our mood and sense of wellbeing. Even planetary transits or energy field disturbances can affect our auras.

One thing I have learned for sure is that people can hook into other people’s energy. With bad intentions or just through extreme need, this act can change a person’s resonance or vibration.

Our energy fields can be conditioned by contact with other people’s auras.

In two different energy modalities I have studied are the EMF Balancing Technique, and Human Design.

Both modalities study human energy field interaction in depth.

Your Personal Energy and the Electromagnetic Part of Your Aura

Personal Energy
from www.emfbalancing.com

In the EMF Balancing world, as a practitioner, I have worked with the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body.

When we create a relationship with someone else, we create a quantum energetic phenomenon called the Third Lattice.

This Third Lattice is a balance of all of our energies, ideas, thoughts and emotions about the other person, mixed up with their energies as well.

Think of the Third Lattice as the energetic representation of both of your energies or fields. When we have a relationship with a person, we form an energetic attachment to them.

These attachments are created in our minds and include connections to our mental body through our (thoughts). We also create attachments through our emotional body (feelings).

Multiple Third Lattices can be worked with and cleared. Energy work can sometimes help us to improve a relationship, or release an attachment to a person, place or thing.

Your Personal Energy, Human Design and the Aura Merge

If you are sensitive to energy, or more empathic than most – then you may other people’s energy as you walk into a room or meet a new person.

From the perspective of Human Design, we merge with someone else energetically as soon as we get closer than 30 feet away.

Our original Design is conditioned by the energetic aura that the other person radiates from their aura.

This is why we ‘vibe’ with some people, and immediately feel uncomfortable or take a dislike to others.

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3 Ways that Personal Energy Can Be Drained

Here are 3 general ways in which other people can consciously or unconsciously drain energy from someone else: –

1.  Energetic Vampirism – yes, it does exist!

2.  If Someone who needs uplifting – you feel this and help them – even though you are pretty exhausted yourself.

3. A fan of another person, such as a celebrity. It’s not called ‘stalking’ for nothing!

Giving and Receiving In Balance

As I trained to become an Akashic Records reader, I was taught not work in the energy for too long. I kept my readings to 30 minutes for the first 6 months, and all was well.

As a new reader, if I went over the half hour reading limit, I felt very drained energetically.

Over time as a reader, I began to understand my own limits and to learn how to avoid over-giving. Giving energy to others can sometimes be a bad habit too.

As you read the rest of this article, be aware that we ALL have energy fields and very specific vibratory rates. Everyone is on the journey of learning to balance their Personal Energy. 

I am quite sure that I have taken another’s Chi or energy whilst working with other energy teachers in an unaware state.

I can honestly say that I’ve never intentionally been an energy ‘vampire’, but who can say for sure what happened when I’ve been out of present awareness?

I’m quite sure that in my younger years I took other people down in resonance to make myself feel better.

Some examples of this are: –

  • scoring a point with somebody by winning a silly argument or showing them up.
  • Forcing someone to agree with you or go along with an idea or plan that they do not really want.
  • Making someone ‘jump’ or be triggered by playing a joke on them.

If We Have Been Slimed By Energy, What Can We Do?

If you interact with someone and you have been slimed by energy, then check for the following: –

  1. If your intuition or guidance tells you that energetic vampirism is involved, see if you can intuit the reason. Use Archangel Michael’s white light shield to prevent further interaction.  
  2. If you feel drained, take responsibility and time to rebuild your own light-body or ‘Chi’. You can do this with regular meditation and energetic practice.
  3. If someone else is trying to take you down vibrationally speaking take a time out. Perhaps you have been triggered. Maybe the other person is definitely in the wrong because they are behaving badly.

    Either way, a breathing space won’t hurt.  It may be that you have some healing to do also.

    Think of ways that you can set good boundaries with the person and act on your ideas.  

I’ve created a special PDF and podcast to support you with this process.

Download the PDF here – it’s a short guide and questionnaire.

Know that we are all energy!

As we all continue to grow and learn on our spiritual journeys, more people will awaken to their Personal Energy.

Along with this growth in awareness comes a deeper responsibility to the self and to others.

Keep working on your own spiritual growth and share what you learn. It can only benefit all of us in the long run.

It’s a good idea to do the work and clear your chakras and aura if you believe you have been slimed by energy. Use your experiences as a resource for future interactions.

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