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How to know if you’ve been slimed energetically and what you can do about it | Free energy lesson and cool tool by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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How to know if you’ve been slimed energetically and what you can do about it | Free energy lesson and cool tool by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey


So you’re having a great day…

All is well in your world, you are growing and glowing and then – shazam – you interact with somebody else and your high spirits act like a pricked balloon and head into your boots.

Up until that point in the day, all was good in your world, until THAT happened.

Now you feel emotionally drained, perhaps even physically unwell and have no idea where it all came from.  You need a time out, maybe even a day out, or more – simply to regain your balance.

Have you been energetically ‘slimed’?

It’s entirely possible that you were slimed!  As opposed to the fun aspect of being slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards – the kind of sliming I’m talking about is entirely different and can happen at a moment’s notice.

As I move on through my Spiritual Journey – my main focus of study has been about the nature of our energy fields and how our fields can affect each other, or be affected by the world around us.

One thing I have learned for sure is that people can hook into other people’s energy, or change a person’s resonance or vibration – sometimes consciously and sometimes without even knowing that they are doing so.

If you are a Sensitive or more empathic than most – then you may notice this more than most!

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP?

I recently read The Highly Sensitive by Heidi Sawyer.  This book really helped me because I found a piece of information literally on the first page about our energy bodies or ‘Jiva’.

The sensitive unconsciously gives extra Jiva or vital energy to those who can’t generate it themselves.  When under pressure yourself, you haven’t enough Jiva even though others still unconsciously absorb like the sponge the vital energy you do have.  This is the reason the company of others makes you tired.

I have noticed this happens sometimes when I am with a client, or even a potential client.  We talk, we part, the client reports a shift or a great result of some kind – and I feel drained, even with all my energy tools, pink bubbles and angels of protection in place!

I have so far experienced 3 general ways in which other people have either consciously or unconsciously shifted my energy field and caused a drop in resonance,

1.  Energetic Vampirism – yes, it does exist!

2.  Another soul needing your light or Ji more than you do (as in Heidi Sawyer’s example).

3.  Another soul needing you to be ‘like them’ with such a strong resonance that they take your vibration down a notch or two to make themselves feel better or ‘the same’.

Before we go any further…a word about judgement

In my current studies of the Akashic Records, I am beginning to learn about the energies of the Akasha.

I can only learn to become a really great Akashic Records reader if I can see the other person in the Light of the Records when I am reading for them, truly ‘get’ who they are and see their light – and not just their shadows.

As you read the rest of this article, be aware that we ALL have energy fields.  I am quite sure that I have taken another’s ‘Ji’ whilst working with other energy teachers, albeit in an unaware state.

I can honestly say that I’ve never intentionally been an energy ‘vampire’, but who can say for sure what happened when I’ve been out of present awareness?

I’m quite sure that in my younger years I took other people down in resonance to make myself feel better – one example of that is scoring a point with somebody or forcing an agreement with them when we knew all along it was not what they wanted…can you honestly say you’ve never done that?

So the focus is – if our energy is ‘taken’, if we feel ‘slimed’ – what can we do about it? 

If you interact with someone and your energy has been impacted in a way that feels negative to you…

  1. If your intuition or guidance tells you that energetic vampirism is involved, ask to identify the method and reason and use Archangel Michael’s white light shield to prevent further interaction.  (Use the freecool tools below for extra information).  Also use the power of your own inner voice to disconnect the other person from their entry point into your field.
  2. If you are working with or have completed spiritual work with somebody else and you feel drained, take responsibility and time to rebuild your own light-body or ‘Jiva’ with regular spiritual practice.
  3. If someone else is trying to take you down vibrationally speaking (main intention here is to make them feel more comfortable, so that you become ‘like them’, take a time out if you have been triggered by their behavior.  It may be that you have some healing to do also.Think of ways that you can set good boundaries with the person and act on your ideas.  Also take time if appropriate for thanking the other person for sharing their point of view (no matter how angrily or nastily they did it).  This will disarm the ego and give the other person some breathing space also.

My first free cool tools – help yourself if you’ve been energetically slimed or want to know what to do in the future

I’ve created a special PDF and podcast to support you with this process.

Download the PDF here – it’s a short guide and questionnaire.

Know that we are all energy!

As we all continue to grow and learn on our individual spiritual journeys and on our planetary journey of spiritual awakening, more and more people will become aware of their light bodies and the responsibility this entails.

Keep working on your own spiritual growth, share what you know and it can only benefit all of us in the long run.
Until next time.



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