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Your Seven Energy Bodies – podcast

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Energy Bodies – March 2023 Podcast

This month I’m going to be talking about our Energy and our seven energy bodies.  These bodies comprise something people talk about or speak about as our aura.

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So, what is Personal Energy?

There is an aura, most of us start with the chakras, but we also have a Personal Energy Field that expands out from us and all around us.  Anything from 2 feet to 30 feet, all the way around us, depending on what we are doing with our energy.

We’re going to figure out why we’re all so different when it comes to energy and energy systems.  At first glance, our energy systems seem to be all the same.

We are also going to find out what happens in brief when our personal energy merges with someone else.

Our Personal Energy Field is electromagnetic, just like the Earth

The Earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, just like any planet which is influenced by the Sun or Solar energies as well.

So here we are on Earth, this Being that’s been created by Earth, and we’re electromagnetic.

Our Life Force or ‘chi’, when we’re incarnated into a body, generates a field around us comprised of several different energy bodies, and sometimes people can sense different aspects of our energy bodies.  An example would be – how someone is feeling, which relates to our emotional energy body.

Some of you may know about chakras if you’ve done any meditation work, yoga, or other types of focused energy work.

The chakras can be thought of as bundles or centers of energy that are focused on a particular area of the body.  These energy bundles relate or have connections to the different energy bodies.

What’s next with our energy bodies?

People in meditative practice soon find out that there is more than just one energy body.

These energy bodies expand all around us, they are not just located in one area of the body, because all 7 energy bodies generate our energy field or aura.

The Physical Energy Body

We have a Physical Energy Body, which you can think of as being created from our Life Force.  This energy body is created from the fact that we are living in our body.  Our DNA and our cells are active, and the mitochondria in our cells are active.   We have physical energy which generates the personal presence of an individual.

Our Physical Energy Body also be read to intuit things like present Life Purpose, how the Chakras run in the body, which Life Force Channels are active, and things like that.

The Astral Energy Body

Then we have an Astral Energy Body.

A lot of people are very keen on astral travel (or at least trying to do it).

I’ve been reasonably successful with astral travel.  I’m a very in-body person – I prefer to do most of my meditation in the body rather than out of it.

The Astral, also known as the Emotional Body, collects, stores, and transmits all human emotions and desires. So when we are born and we are incarnated, the Astral Body is the first energy body that we begin to grow.

The Mental Energy Body

Then we have the Mental Body. You can think of the Mental Energy Body as under construction.

Every time we think, every time we focus, every time we create, every time we have an idea, something might be happening in our Mental Energy Body.

We can create from our internal experience, or our collective or group experience of the whole of humanity.

We can also be affected in our Mental Body by thoughts from the collective or group of humanity, as well as our little family group, our social behaviors, and habits, or even our culture.

All of these things build the Mental Energy Body over time, and it is attached to the Emotional Body.

You could say that ‘You are what you think’, and ‘You are what you feel’.

The Causal Energy Body

Think of the Causal Body as ‘the collective goodwill of your Soul’ (Richard Rudd, the Gene Keys).

The Causal Energy Body is a sort of storage facility, but it’s also an energy holder of all the things we create in this life through our actions, our emotions, and our thoughts.

The Causal Body is what gets taken with us when we pass on or transition.

The Buddhic Energy Body

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is probably familiar with this one!

Think of the Buddhic Body as a higher vibrational resonance of the Astral or Emotional Body, so there is a connection there between the emotions and the higher experiences in meditation.

When we go into Higher States of feeling or sensation, or maybe we have a blissful experience in meditation, we may well be activating or experiencing a sense of our Buddhic Energy Body.

The Atmic Energy Body

This is a higher vibration of the Mental Energy Body. So, as the Buddhic Body is a higher vibration of the Emotional Body, then the Atmic Body is a higher vibration of the Mental Body.

Some people refer to the Atmic Energy Body as the Higher Self, which is also our Intuition. It’s very much about being able to connect with our Divine Mind.

A sense of our Soul, a sense of our Higher Self, Intuition, and also synchronicity.

The Monadic Energy Body

The Monadic Energy Body surrounds and supports all the above energy bodies.  It’s a system that holds everything together, like an environment for software.

The Monadic Body supports all the other Energy Bodies right from the cellular level upwards.   The Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic are all supported by the Monadic Body.

The Monadic Body connects to the bigger ‘ocean’ of our Akashic Records, past lives, our Soul Groups, and Soul Groups of origination.

If we all have the same energy systems, why are we so different?

energy bodiesWe all have the same circulatory systems, lymphatic systems, and cellular systems, so why are we all so different when we generate energy as incarnated beings?

This is because, at the Soul Level, when a Soul incarnates into a body, it has an individual blueprint.

This blueprint is made up of 8 different Divine energy types, in different proportions for every single Soul.   So there are eight different ways you can express your energy.

We also derive from 24 different Soul Groups.

If we do the math, eight times twenty-four – that is quite a lot of differences in itself.

Then into that equation, we’re going to add our Soul Vibration Rate. This relates to our experiences in many lives.

Factor in what karma we’ve managed to clear, what level of awareness we’ve reached now, and where we are on our energetic journey.

This can be very different for everyone, and affect the mix of how we represent our energies in the world.

Through Human Design, you can think about having an electromagnetic imprint for this lifetime, which your Soul has chosen. This relates to how your genes express themselves, what Life Purpose you have, and what tasks, life themes, or lessons your Soul wants to experience this lifetime.

Through the Human Design chart itself – there can be a trillion or even trillions of different combinations!

Trillions of combinations

So to sum up, purely on Planet Earth, how many different types of energy expressions there are, just within humanity, we’d be going into one of those very long numbers with no endings on it!

All of this affects our energy.  Plus, our past lives affect how we express our energy in present life.

We’ve also chosen a particular genetic inheritance as we incarnate into this life, and all our different present life experiences, too.

I like to say we are all sitting on the same bus but in different seats, so from our particular perspectives and our life experiences things are different – even if they are sometimes similar.

It’s a lot to understand and appreciate, and that’s why we are so different!

How close can we get before our Auras merge?

When we get close to somebody else, we can start to feel their energy if we have energetic awareness. Aura merges, or Personal Energy Field merges, can start from up to 30 feet away.

You could see somebody walking at a distance down the street and maybe have a sense of who they are as an individual.

As we get nearer, around 24 feet, the more we can sense an individual. When we live in big cities or walk in big crowds, we subconsciously filter all that information out. Our brain does that for us because it would just be overwhelming otherwise.

At 18 feet, the nearer we get to somebody, the more we can sense, notice or feel.  At 12 feet, this is where we can begin to become very easily aware of someone’s energy. Maybe we can catch onto some of their thoughts or intentions.

Now, this awareness can be from body movements or what you already know about the person, but there is also an energetic component as well.

When the aura merge is at 6 feet of distance or less, the real question is, are you influencing them, or are they influencing you?

What happens when your two energies merge?

To summarize, our Personal Energy Field or aura is an electromagnetic field generated from our Life Force when we incarnate.

Our Personal Energy can merge with others from 30 feet apart or less – in fact, more with remote intention.

If you talk on the phone, you can become very connected with somebody, even though they are not in the same room and you can start to tune into each other energetically.

All of our individual Personal Energy Fields or auras contribute to the collective energy field of humans, the Maya, collective consciousness, or Matrix if you like.

So that means we are all unique, yet we’re all connected.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s broadcast about your seven energy bodies.

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