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Together we are strong | Video of Burning Car Lifted off Trapped Man | Brandon Wright saved by strength of humanity

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Together we are strong | Video of Burning Car Lifted off Trapped Man | Brandon Wright saved by strength of humanity

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Together we are strong – video demonstrates strength of humanity

Strength of humanityI watched an amazing video on the news this morning, and decided to post a link to it here.

I have heard about amazing rescues but seeing one happen is quite a different matter.

This material could be distressing to some and is the raw video without media editing – so make your choice about watching it and a decision about who is in the room when you do watch it!

It’s different when we either see something like this first hand, we feel it and see it and together we ARE strong!

The young man under the car is called Brandon Wright and doing well, now in a stable condition with broken bones and some burns.  His uncle appeared on the news today and said

He knows it’s a miracle and that the strength of humanity came together to give him a gift.


How much were those people actually lifting?

I’ve seen 2 reports, both with differing figures, but both estimated the car weighing about 4000lbs, one report said 9 people tilted the car, another 12 people did it.

Either way, they each lifted potentially 300lbs, and I’m sure some of them sustained burns from the heat.

Whatever the correct figures are, a miraculous event.  If you listen to the person taking the video and the other people around him, they are also lending their energy with what is being said.

Together we are strong, just look what we can do when we demonstrate the strength of humanity!

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  1. Daria says:

    I was at #bbcden yesterday, but don’t know that we managed to cross paths. I love your site! I’m now following you on twitter and hope to connect more as we travel this blogging world! 🙂

    • Hi Daria,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and the kind comment! This planet needs more moms in management! Will be dropping by to check out your blog, too! (Also just checked I’m following you on Twitter).


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