How to get the most out of your psychic reading

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How to get the most out of your psychic reading

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When you book with a reader, you want to get the most out of your psychic reading, mediumship reading, or Akashic Records Reading. That’s a given. But how can you go about it?

Making psychic readings more effective

What are the best ways to get more out of your psychic reading? When you have invested time and money in a reading, you might feel better emotionally afterward, at least for a while.

To be able to apply what you have learned or listened to can be the next challenge.

Did you get a recording or some notes from the reader – maybe a suggested practice? Some guidance on how and when to follow up could also be helpful.

When you choose a reader, how can you be sure you are receiving useful guidance?

Which type of reading will work best for you?

What most psychics used to be

Back in tribal times for most of humanity, psychics used to be:-

  • Tribal Shamans
  • Medicine Men or Women
  • Healers
  • Bonesetters and surgeons
  • Moon Maidens (Native American reflexologists)
  • Soothsayers
  • Seers
  • Fortune-tellers
  • Alchemists.

Like any area of work or profession that is unregulated, psychic and intuitive skills and abilities can vary in quality. Readings varied in quality in the past, and they still do today.

Readings can range from fairly bad, fake, through to reasonable — and in some cases even ground-breakingly good.

People with powerful psychic or intuitive skills don’t always have good intentions toward their clients.

I have met practitioners who are more personally motivated and less focused on growing their abilities through client work. This means that the reader doesn’t grow, and ultimately, neither do their clients.

Both in the present and the past, spiritual readers have had bad intentions or can even be downright corrupt!

Just because someone has psychic skills doesn’t automatically mean they have a good moral code.

Ultimately readers who don’t act with good intentions will have karma catch up with them. Like other dishonest people in life, sometimes this can take a while.

What Makes a Good Psychic In Modern Times?

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Hopefully, modern psychics don’t get put to death these days.

Even so, the good ones can still be vilified in modern society. Their reputations are sometimes bought into question by people who don’t agree with their methods.

It’s true that many people still don’t fully understand how psychics can get oddly accurate results.

Sometimes people can find this ability frightening or even threatening.

A good psychic should have: –

  • people who refer them
  • testimonials on their site
  • a list of training or mentorship experiences, or lots of applied experience
  • the ability to understand where you are coming from. They should be able to give you some ideas of the best way to proceed.

The truth is that many good psychics have contributed to our current body of knowledge. Much of this information is related to personal growth, health, and well-being. 

A talented medical intuitive

Edgar Cayce was an Akashic Records Reader in the United States (1877-1945). He had a secretary who faithfully recorded about 14,000 of his readings. 

Some of his recommendations and ideas for client health were revolutionary in his day.

Doctors now use many of his ideas and approaches to support health!

I took my first reflexology training course at the A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, VA.

You can still visit the A.R.E. site today and see the healing hospital Edgar Cayce set up with his family.

A good psychic will be devoted to their calling

A staunchly spiritual and religious man, he devoted his life to supporting healing and health.

He even helped to keep his friend Thomas Sugrue in reasonable health so he lived longer.

Thomas Sugrue wrote the book of Edgar’s life — There is a River which I highly recommend reading to learn more about Edgar Cayce and his practice.

When Edgar was first practicing his abilities, he would give reading demonstrations to doctors and physicians.

His intention was to show them he wasn’t a fake. As part of this, he had an experience where he fell into a very deep trance while being observed. 

This set of observers was a group of local medical doctors in his area.  While he was in a trance, they stuck needles deeply into his feet to make sure he wasn’t faking!

What a terrible thing to do to such a wonderful, caring man. He was simply trying to share his gifts with the world.

Look for someone on a personal growth path

It’s important to find someone who is on a personal growth path of their own. Ideally, they will have life reasons that give them a strong calling to work.

This will ensure that you are having your reading with someone who has a strong focus. They will also steer you in useful directions.

We can all get readings for entertainment purposes and there is nothing wrong with that.  The most helpful readings are those that not only entertain but also inform, support, and give guidance.

The 3 main categories of modern readings

  • Psychic Readings— for present life issues
  • Mediumship Readings— to connect with a Loved One who has passed
  • Past Life, or Akashic Readings— to clear feelings of being stuck, or held back.  Akashic Readings can also help to explain strange psychic phenomena that occur.

In recent years, Human Design Readings have become more popular also.

Think of a Human Design Reading as a way to understand your present life energy in depth, and to be able to work with it more effectively.

Human Design Readings can also help explain your current Life Purpose.

How to select a reading type?

Psychic Readings

A psychic will be able to tell you things about your present life.  They will also be able to discuss life choices and activities with you that you want to choose.

Psychics should never tell you ‘what to do’, but give you options and information. Then you will feel more informed about taking your next step.  This can be anything from changing a life situation to dealing with a relationship.

Telling you what to do and then having you do it is unhealthy for everyone.

After all, you may not like the results if you follow someone else’s advice.  Karmically, a psychic advisor is in an unhealthy place if they think they know better than you!

Try and avoid asking what you ‘should’ do

A good psychic reader will give you more clarity around choices, actions, and decisions you are working on making. They may help you see different points of view on relationship difficulties. They will help you to relax and focus on healthy choices for yourself.

Clarity and a new perspective plus lists of possibilities and probabilities are all empowering. Much more empowering than being told what to do.

Anything else is NOT a good psychic reading in my book. Like accountants, hairdressers, or even therapists, choose someone with experience, knowledge, and care as your psychic reader.

One of the simplest ways to do this is through a referral from someone.

Mediumship Readings

A psychic medium will be able to work with your connections to relationships through your energy field. They will also be able to work with your present life energy like a psychic does.

A medium can read about connections to your family, friends, and pets. They should be able to do this whether the people (or pets) are presently living, or have passed on.

People go to see mediums because they are suffering in their grief process. Many people have specific questions about the person or people who have passed.

Good modern mediums in the West will help and support people through their pain. A good mediumship reading should give you a sense of comfort, release, and peace about the dying process.

A good medium will be able to help you understand the Soul-level lessons you and a particular Soul had together.

Their main job is to bring you comfort. This is done by relaying information about the Loved One that you can validate.

Examples Of Good Mediumship

  • Relaying information about life decisions you are about to make. Talking about private family events that are happening that no one else knows.
  • Referring to significant personal family photos or past events that were very important to the Loved One who has passed.
  • Describe how the Loved One died. In detail, they might tell you about any personal interactions which happened while you were with a Loved One during their dying process.

Anything relayed that could be easily found on the internet is not a good mediumship reading. If you feel you are being led to give information, this is not a good reading either.

Past Life, Or Akashic Records Readings

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Readers like me can give clients information that strongly resonates with them about a past life.

You may not believe in reincarnation (or any of this!) and that is perfectly okay with me!

Maybe one day we’ll discover new science that explains the link between human consciousness and what we currently see as the Akashic Field and the collective mind.

For now, though, the best explanation most researchers have come up with for this phenomenon is that we all have a unified form of Higher Consciousness (aka the Soul).

Our Soul is thought to live through many different lifetimes, gathering data, experience, and lessons to grow itself and to grow collective consciousness.

As we awaken and evolve on this planet, many more people are experiencing awakening signs.  These are the signs that they are noticing this Soul-level connection.

This is one of the reasons why people come to me for an Akashic Reading.

During Akashic Readings, People Can Learn About

Our awareness is expanding

As humans continue to evolve, our awareness is expanding into higher dimensions.

My opinion is that this level of work helps us to understand and shift to a greater awareness of 4D, or the 4th dimension, which Edgar Cayce used to refer to as ‘the realm of ideas’.

The more we evolve, the more we will understand that our thoughts and words (as well as our 3D actions!) affect our well-being and the well-being of others.

Working with the concept of a series of lives helps people to understand the chain of choice and consequence that creates karma for each Soul.

In my worldview, some of the major issues humanity is struggling with now relate to our inability to let go of old ideas and habitual behaviors that no longer work for us.

Beginning to work on our Akashic Records helps us to put that perspective into focus.  We can identify our repeating patterns from past lives and clear their attractive nature from our present lives for good.

For example, perhaps during a reading, you discover that present-life relationship problems are directly connected to past lives where you mistreated others in relationships.  This type of discovery can create a lot of motivation for change!

How To Get the Most Out Of Your Psychic Reading

For any type of reading you are interested in having, I’d always suggest the following steps to get the most out of your investment of time and resources.

Get very clear about why you are having the reading

If you are having a curiosity reading, that’s fine, just focus on being present. Take notes if you want, and ask if a recording is available. (I always record my readings for clients).

Take some time to contemplate the information afterward.  If you practice meditation, you can meditate on what has been discovered for deeper insight.

Do you have some deep questions or want to change your life?

If you have these hopes, you need to manage your expectations.  Don’t come with unrealistic expectations of changing your entire world in one reading!

That puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on you, and on the reader too.

Come to the reading with as much openness and self-awareness as you can. Eat healthily, get hydrated before your reading, and get a good night’s sleep if you can.

Take some time to contemplate the answers you have been given after the reading.

Readings are always part of a growth process. You may have a-ha moments, of course.

Just understand that the reader is not there to ‘tell you what to do’.

Your choices and decisions around the information are what will change your future world.  No one else can do that for you, and you wouldn’t want them to.  Just running around doing what other people tell you only creates more karma.

Check your tech

When you are paying for a reader’s time you are not doing yourself any favors by not getting ready ahead of time! 

Check all your computer, phone, or tablet settings beforehand.

Ask and see if there’s anything else you need to do beforehand

Ask the reader if there is anything you need to do or to think about before you have your reading.

I have a document I send to clients clarifying this before their first reading. It’s always good to check!

Take these steps, and I believe you’ll get more out of your psychic or intuitive reading than you thought you could!

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