Akashic Records and Human Design – the link – February 2023 Podcast

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Akashic Records and Human Design – the link – February 2023 Podcast

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Akashic Records and Human Design – what is the connection?

Welcome to this month’s podcast, where I look at the connection between 2 energetic systems. The Akashic Records and Human Design.

If you want, you can also listen to this podcast with slides on YouTube at this link.>>

February 2023 Podcast transcript

Hi, there welcome everyone to my 2023 Podcast this month I’m going to be talking a little bit about

  • the Akashic Records and
  • their connection with this system you might have been hearing about called Human Design.

How is it exactly that both these systems fit together?

Well, I was working with a client recently and this question came up.  What is the intersection between Human Design and the Akashic Records?

When I work with clients I often work with their Soul Purpose and information from their Divine Soul Blueprint which for you, for your individual understanding, if you are new to this type of information, is about things like gifts, talents, and abilities from the Soul level, which are unchanging life after life.

So then I’m also now doing Human Design Readings, starting with intuiting your Life Purpose as well as your Soul Purpose from the Akashic Records.

So the question has been coming up for me, what’s the connection between the two?

Well, when I worked with this client recently an image came through for me and for her of a sunbeam.

So, if you imagine your origination as a Soul, a little drop of consciousness in the big consciousness ocean, and seeing that drop of consciousness as a sunbeam coming down into planet Earth, and then focusing into a bright ray of sunlight which becomes your incarnated self.

So, the energetic intersection between Human Design and the Akashic Records is that you are both the ray of the sun and the single sunbeam.

But what does this mean in practical terms exactly?

So, just to recap, when I work with clients in the Akashic Records, which I’ve been doing since 2010, we cover things like looking at your Soul-level Energy Centers:-

  • how your Soul transmits Vital Force Energy or Life Force Energy into your incarnated life
  • which Soul Groups do you come from
  • at what level your soul is vibrating at currently on the Spiritual Journey
  • what Past Lives you might have lived
  • we work on clearing karmic patterns
  • looking at Life Themes or Lessons that can give us a great frame of reference for why things are going a certain way.
  • We work on connecting with intuition
  • and creating a much stronger connection through intuition with our Inner Circle Spirit Guides and our Master Guides in the Akashic Records.

And so all of these things help us connect more powerfully to the Soul’s talents gifts and abilities.

So, where does Human Design come in?

Well if your Soul Blueprint and Soul is that big beam of sunshine?  Then your Human Design is that focused ray of light that ultimately creates who you are as an individually incarnated human.

As part of this massive system of incarnation and reincarnation, your Human Design system looks at your:-

  • 9 chakras, which you’ll notice there are 2 more than you are currently used to working with
  • what planetary influences were affecting you, both 88 days or a few months before birth and at birth
  • how these planetary influences and electromagnetic DNA affect your human chemistry as your DNA codons
  • your Human Design Type, I’m a Manifestor, there are several other types, so you find that out as part of the Human Design work
  • your Active Gates, which relate to the I-Ching but also seem to connect interestingly with our DNA codons
  • there are 64 Gates in the I-Ching by the way, and 64 DNA codons according to the Human Genome Project.
  • Human Design also looks at your active channels, when two Gates connect two chakras
  • your Circuitry, which is about how you interact with the great matrix of human consciousness.  So circuitry can be Tribal, Logical, or Sensory based, those are just some examples, not all of them.
  • How your aura works, how your life force energy comes through from the Soul and creates an electromagnetic field which you can sense yourself and which others can sense with you and from you.

The real connection between these two systems is Incarnation

So the Akashic Records is this major system of incarnation and reincarnation.  Your Soul chooses a family and situation, becomes incarnated in utero, about 88 days of Solar Arc before birth, then all these factors become our Human Design.

We still have free will on Earth, and we can still have all the things we want to do.  When we are incarnated we do put some thought into where we are going to go, what we are going to be, and how we are going to get there–and even sometimes exactly what we are going to do, at least at the beginning.

And this is all managed by your Soul and your Soul Council, including your Spirit Guides, both Master Guides and Inner Circle Guides, plus other guides as well.

Life Force

As I said previously, your Life Force enters your chosen body.   This starts to create what Jung called your Subconscious Mind.  When you are born you experience more electromagnetic energy, and that helps form who you are at the personality level.

So you have both the subconscious drivers and conscious drivers, and these can be tracked through the systems and mechanisms in Human Design.

Now then, of course, when you are incarnated, life begins, and here come choices and consequences and various other things that happen, karmically and otherwise as we live.

The truth is that our consciousness is the connection between the Akashic Records, our Soul Blueprint, and our Human Design, how we run our energy and operate our energy in this present life.

So, you are both the sunbeam and the focused point of light!

It’s a bit of a big subject, but it can be broken down into very simple steps.

The easiest way to start is either with your Soul Star Reading, where you learn about your Soul Blueprint, Soul Groups of origination, and a past life where a karmic pattern needs to be cleared, or you can start with your Life Purpose, which is a look at your Human Design chart and what your Soul intended for you this lifetime.

Lots of light everyone, I hope you enjoyed the information this month!



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