10 Fascinating Things About Human Design

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

10 Fascinating Things About Human Design

what is a human design reading

Have you heard about Human Design Readings? We all know deep down that we are unique and different. Now that we can get our DNA tested, we are all beginning to realize how different and unique we truly are.

What if there was a system of energy that could describe these chemical differences in behavioral terms, rather than just who has blue eyes, and who has green? Well, Human Design might just be the system to do that for you.

What is a Human Design reading?

Human Design is a system that helps us to understand ourselves better by interpreting a Human Design Chart. Through having a Human Design Reading, we can learn to understand: –

  • our personal energy or aura
  • the individual nature of our subconscious minds
  • and where our instinctive reactions come from.
  • A human Design Reading also helps us to discover more about our conscious personality.
  • We can also review our Human Design chart at the present time. This can help us to discover which planetary transits are influencing our design and how that can inform future decisions.

This system was intentionally designed to help us recognize our Life Purpose.

Human Design can help us to connect with transmissions from the Higher Self, or Intuitive Mind.

How Human Design began

Human Design is based on the energetic downloads of an ordinary school teacher called Robert Krakower.

He became a spiritual teacher through a sudden spiritual opening when he was visited by light beings.

People all over the world have continued to study and apply his work to this day.

After some time teaching Robert changed his name to Ra Uru Hu.  Dealing with this all-consuming role in his life was a struggle.

How does one person channel the nature of creation?

It seemed almost impossible to become a teacher of this massive database of information.

After about a year of teaching people, Robert burned all his original notes, trying to disconnect himself from this new role entirely.

Fortunately, a student had kept all the information he taught and returned it to him.

Ultimately Ra took those notes back and expanded upon them. This resulted in many people around the world learning about Human Design directly from Ra.

To help people interpret their energetic information with a systematic approach, Ra created the Human Design Chart.

Five world systems compressed into one new tool

One of my first Human Design clients made an insightful comment about Human Design. (If you’d like to see your own chart for free, use this link to find out!).

She said: –

“Somehow, different energy measurement systems have been seeded all around the world.

Human Design shows us how we can bring all of our different perceptions together to create something new.

She went on to wonder out loud if learning the system of Human Design is an intentional part of our spiritual growth. I think it’s a very interesting idea.

The 5 separate measurement systems are: –

  1. The Hindu Chakra System.  You may be familiar with this system already if you meditate or practice yoga.  Human Design states that we now have 9 active body chakras.
  2. The I-Ching. This is an ancient Chinese prediction system with 64 Gates, or Archetypes representing the human condition. The I-Ching was created based on centuries of historical and observational philosophy.
  3. Western Astrology. Based upon the electromagnetic influence of planets through their positioning relative to our location at our time of birth.
  4. The Jewish Kabbalah. An ancient esoteric teaching of Judaism.  Human Design incorporates the Tree of Life or Sephirot. This encompasses philosophical explanations of the 32 energetic paths of Wisdom, Angelic Energy, and energetic Spheres and Channels. These energetic systems are believed to influence the human body, mind, and spirit.
  5. The 64 Codons discovered in human DNA.  Codons are created by groups of three nucleotides. Nucleotides are the basic building blocks of RNA and DNA.

What are Neutrinos and how do they affect us?

what is a human design reading

Neutrinos are thought to influence our Human Design.

Think of them as the cherries on the cake of our individual specialized cake mix, aura, or Personal Energy Field.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles similar to an electron.

The difference is that they have no electrical charge. They are thought to have a very small mass – close to zero.

Neutrinos are one of the most abundant particles in the universe. Their effect on everything is being studied in-depth by scientists worldwide.

Neutrinos may be the cherry on top

In Human Design, neutrinos may affect human DNA – and even activate different aspects of it under certain conditions.

Neutrinos may activate our DNA Codons or nucleotides.

Neutrino activation could be based on planetary alignments and the influence of planets’ electromagnetic energy at any given time.

Becoming aware of these influences can be enormously helpful as we move through our lives.

This information can help us make decisions with greater clarity, or even change our path in life. What if neutrinos are one of the keys to helping us have healthier DNA expression?

We can experience Neutrino flow by checking in on certain aspects of our chart through the movement of the Sun for example.

Often people notice planetary effects during a planetary retrograde – like the Mercury Retrograde or the cycles of the Moon.

Would you like to receive a free Human Design Report from me? Message me here at the secure client portal and leave your details (time of birth, place of birth, name).

Benefits of learning Human Design

So – how can all this information benefit me?

The act of having a reading sets an intention.  This begins a download of information from your Higher Self and Soul.

Having a Human Design Reading can open us to many new energetic potentials for our lives.

We do this by learning how to energetically download our Human Design Chart.

Here are 5 examples of how we can begin to do this: –

1. A connection with your Life Purpose

A small part of your chart represents your Life Purpose, called the Incarnation Cross.  

Actively learning about your Life Purpose can create a new sense of perspective for you. 

Discovering your Life Purpose will create enormous clarity on your spiritual journey.

2. How do YOU make decisions?

There are 6 different decision-making strategies based on our unique chakra patterns! 

Yet we are all taught by the collective to make decisions the same way

This doesn’t suit our unique energetic make-up and can cause us to make the wrong decisions. 

To begin to learn more about your unique decision-making strategy, Human Design, and the Akashic Records, sign up for my free email learning series.

3. Unique Chakra patterns

Human Design is based on a new 9-chakra system. 

This adds the Spleen Chakra and Self Chakra to the 7 chakras you may already be familiar with, to make us 9-centered humans. 

Learn to manage your energy better by understanding your unique chakra pattern.

4. Your Personal Energy type or Aura

There are 5 different energetic types in Human Design. 

These types influence your interaction with the world and how best to connect with other people. 

Learning to align with your individual Type will help you to be who you really are and will inform you about how to change some of your basic approaches to operating in the world.

You may have default strategies and knee-jerk approaches, which have been taught by the collective and are not a match for your Type.

The 5 Types are: –

  1. Manifestors here to create energy. Three famous Manifestors are Daryl Hall, Slash, and Adele.
  2. Projectors projectors are here as guides, listeners, and future leaders. Three famous Projectors are Winston Churchill, Taylor Swift, and Axl Rose.
  3. Generators. Generators account for the majority of people on Earth currently and work best in response to the other types. Three famous Generators are Joanna Gaines, Roger Taylor, and John Edward.
  4. Manifesting Generatorspowerful ‘ideas people’ with voices that need to be heard. Three examples of famous Manifesting Generators are Carrie Underwood, Simon Cowell, and Adam Lambert.
  5. Reflectors. Reflectors are still quite rare and are the least defined of the Human Design Types, taking in everyone else’s energy most of the time and working on reflecting it back. Reflectors are trying to show us how to evolve, but they have a tough job of it right now. Three famous Reflectors are Sandra Bullock, Uri Geller, and H.G. Wells.

5. Health improvement by changing environment, diet

What if certain environments are better for you?  How can you improve your intuition? 

Where’s the best place for you to live?

What diet and method of consuming it would work best for you? 

These are all questions we are asking ourselves today, and Human Design can help you discover your personal unique answers to these questions and more.

There’s a whole area of study called ‘Variables which covers factors like this.

    Would you like a Human Design Reading?

    To begin your energetic download of information from your Human Design Chart, I recommend the Life Purpose Reading.

    You can begin to receive your personal Human Design Transmission.  You will learn about your Life Purpose, Type, and innate decision-making strategy.

    Already know some things about Human Design and want to delve deeper? Feel free to book a Discovery Call with me.

    I hope you enjoyed this article! 10 fascinating facts about what is a Human Design Reading.

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