Aura merges, Full Moon and Soul Stories January 2023 Podcast

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Aura merges, Full Moon and Soul Stories January 2023 Podcast

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January 2023 Podcast

Welcome to January 2023, here is my first podcast of the year.

This month, I’m talking about: –

  • the problems and difficulties that can occur when we experience a dominant or abusive aura merge
  • the influence (and Human Design Chart) of the January 2023 Full Moon
  • and how Soul Stories (past life stories) can affect us karmically until we clear them.

Watch this blog as a video with slides!

Show Notes

Silk’s question about Aura Merges on Quora

Here is Silk’s original question and my written answer about Aura Merges with an abusive ex-partner.

Listen to the podcast to hear more information about this!

Q: How do I stop my abusive ex-partner from reading my thoughts?

Hi Silk

Speaking from experience, the ‘in’ occurs with an aura merge. This happens with any form of contact. My ex and I have a college-aged child, so there are times when we need to communicate.

So he gets in (he always steals my throat energy through Dominance) and then I have to clear him out again.

The Human Design work I’m studying has helped me to study this phenomenon in more depth. Think of it like a law of physics…or water breaching a levee in a flood. If there’s enough energy, the water will get through and merge with the land on the other side through any crack it can find. We can’t stop it, but we can clear it through energetics.

If you go completely no contact, there may still be connections through the Akashic Field (5D) and the Astral Realm 4D, (dreams and ideas).

Knowing how to clear both gives us at least some peace.

Lots of light


Are you a Quoran?

To see the original answer on Quora, click on this link.

The January 2023 Full Moon Human Design Chart

January 2023 Podcast

This full moon January 2023 Human Design Chart is for my area of the world, about when the full moon was at its’ peak in Wichita, KS.

Note that the full moon was at its apogee this month.  Due to the full moon’s oval-shaped orbit, this is the furthest point it can be on its orbit around the Earth.

This chart also shows the Human Design Chart of somebody born on this month’s Full Moon at 18:08 Central Time in Wichita, KS.

The full moon was magnifying the energy of this Human Design Type, an Ego-Projected Projector.

Aura Merges from the perspective of Human Design

As a Manifestor, sometimes my very strong energetic field can clash with that of a Projector!  Projectors in Human Design are seen as the new leaders of our race.

They are very skilled at reaching into others’ energy and understanding their ideas, thoughts, emotions, and awareness.

This can be a wonderful thing if the person in question has good intentions.  It can be a very difficult experience for everyone around a Projector if they are dominant or controlling!

At present, Projectors are thought to make up about 20% of the human population.  Manifestors (like me) are thought to make up about 9% of the population.

The moon’s energy this month was very penetrating

In this particular case, the full moon was magnifying penetrating energy (note the Incarnation Cross or Life Purpose on the chart, RAX Penetration 4).

People with this Life Purpose can reach into others’ energy in almost a shocking way, sometimes revealing so much about the other person that it can be distressing or overwhelming.

This chart also demonstrates a defined heart or will chakra (the little pink triangle).  People with this center can be very forceful or simply feel very ‘big’ when they walk into a room.

Tony Robbins is one example of someone with a defined heart or will center.

Manifestor Types have up until now been the leaders of humanity when living their Human Design fully.  Meeting someone else with a strong aura like this may result in clashes!

Also, for me, I have both the 12-22 channel of Openness defined, and the 35-36 Channel of Versatility defined.  So Gate 22 and Gate 36 were defined by the full moon’s energy.

This meant that both these channels were activated for me and almost taken over by the full moon’s penetrating energy.  I didn’t enjoy it at all!

Let me know how your full moon experience was this month.  Perhaps you found the January 2023 full moon energy useful?  Everyone’s Human Design is so different.

If you find this interesting and enlightening and want to know more, I offer Human Design Readings.

Soul Story through the Akashic Tarot

Here are the 3 Akashic Tarot cards I pulled for this month’s Soul Story or past life theme.

Listen to the podcast for more information on this card pull!

Uriel and the Sphinx

January 2023 Podcast

Initiation and the Count St Germaine

January 2023 Podcast

The Queen of Keys

January 2023 Podcast

Here’s a popular post about the Akashic Tarot – I wrote a review and a lot of people find it helpful!

Book mentioned in the January 2023 Podcast

The book I’m reading is St Germain, the Mystery of the Violet Flame, by Elizabeth Prophet

I hope you enjoyed the January 2023 Podcast!

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