Am I having premonitions and psychic experiences? 3 ways to know for sure

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Am I having premonitions and psychic experiences? 3 ways to know for sure

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Having premonitions can initially seem weird or strange. Read on to find out how my strange dream of a song and a moving figure one evening helped prevent an accident for me, my daughter, and another young person the next day.

Premonitions or psychic experiences – how do I know if I’m having them?

Working with the Akashic Records can result in some interesting side effects.

Often clients report a reconnection with their dreams or a stronger dream experience after having an Akashic Records Reading.

One of the biggest side effects is that intuitive ability in other areas grows and expands as we explore the Akashic Records. Isn’t that surprising?

So our skills in the ‘Clair’s, for example, such as clairvoyance (clear-seeing) and clairaudience (clear hearing) can grow and become more accurate with Akashic Records work.

Was I having a premonition?

The other night I was lying in bed ready for sleep and I had the strangest vision.


A hooded figure appeared at my bedroom door (this is in my psychic eye, folks!) :-).

The figure had no face, just a shadow where the face should be. Now it would be easy to be scared by this kind of vision.

Luckily for me, I’ve had enough experience to be able to relax and allow visions like this to unfold, since they can often be deep and meaningful.

This figure stretched out its’ arm towards me and moved across the room as if on wheels, zipped ‘through’ the bed past me, and disappeared behind my back.

Even weirder, the figure was singing the words ‘Let’s talk about death, baby‘ to the tune of ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’.

Now I’ve had several doses of weirdness during my life (and plenty of people thinking I’m weird for the practices I’m involved with) – but this was pretty strange I have to say.

I’ve had experiences of seeing hooded figures before, (see Angelic for details,) but not quite like this.

Being me, I filed this experience away and thought no more about it, until the next day

My oldest girl was off school with a cold during this time. 

The next day after having this premonition, she was better so I took her to school. We backed out of our driveway and headed off to school as we normally would.

Not quite so normal an exit, however.

As we were leaving the subdivision, I noticed a young guy on one of those ride-on mowers where you have to stand upright to operate it.

Many people wear headphones when they cut the grass, after all, it can be a long and monotonous job sometimes.

And as I drove past this guy…

I had a flashback of the strange dream – music in the dream (headphones), the figure with no face (hoodie and mask), and moving as if on wheels towards me.

The realization was simultaneous.  I jammed on the brakes! Then this guy mowing the grass on my right took an immediate left turn into the road straight in front of my car – with us inside!

If I hadn’t hit the brakes I would definitely have hit him instead.

As strange as it sounds and as strange a premonition as it was – there was the meaning of my premonition.

I’m so glad that I had the flashback and braked when I did. Ultimately this premonition was very useful for me.

How do we know whether to act on premonitions – or not?  Here are 3 keys

I believe that these 3 keys will help anyone make better use of their premonitions and precognitive experiences: –

a woman holding an orb
  1. Stay as present as you can in everyday life.  Because I was present, I was able to match the vision with my present experience in a flash – and take action very quickly.
  2. Find a way to mentally or physically file away any strong premonitions or precognitive experiences you have.  Either talk about them to yourself, jot them down, or tell somebody understanding about them.  This will help you to have them stick in your mind should you need them later.
  3. If the experience is very strong and somewhat unusual (as mine was) – ask for guidance about it or pray about it.  (This was the part I didn’t think to do at the time, although I did tell someone else I was working with about the strange vision, which is why it stayed more present in my mind).

Have you had any premonitions that came true in ways that you can easily validate?

I’ve had really simple premonitions come about…for example, on the way to my ex-husband’s brother-in-law’s house several years ago I became sure he had cut all his hair off.

My partner at the time completely disagreed because this friend was so proud of his ‘mullet’ hairstyle and thought he would never get it cut. 

Yet I was right – when we got there – he had short hair!

Premonitions aren’t always life-changing, yet discussing the experience of having premonitions can help you with your intuitive growth. 

Keep a log of the premonitions you have ahead of time

To record premonitions and to be able to validate them later I suggest:-

  • Write your premonitions down in a journal or type them into a private digital document with the date of the premonition recorded (and time too, if you like).
  • Review your journal every few months to see if any ‘little’ premonitions came about and make notes against the entries – sometimes the smaller awareness can help us as much as noticing something big like my story above.
  • Tell everyone which stories came true.

Just kidding! Making sure you’re still with me. Do share your premonition journal – but with a friendly audience, perhaps a friend who is on a similar path of inquiry to you.

Sharing this kind of information in a safe way is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your experiences.

Feel free to share your intuitive experiences with me!

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33 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah, interesting story about the guy on the mower. I often feel that I “knew” something just the moment or few moments before it happens. You’re right about staying present in the moment as much as possible. I think it also helps to eat well and avoid things like, well obviously drugs and alcohol, but even coffee I find can blur the mind. Drinking lots of water and eating fruits and raw food has been helping me keep my mind clear. – Eric

    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for reading the story and commenting! You make an excellent point there about cleanliness and diet to assist with the intuitive process. I agree with you about the coffee – I went decaf a year ago and avoid alcohol when giving readings. Linda Howe, my teacher for the Akashic Records work says that alcohol makes our field go ‘floppy at the edges’. A good reason to avoid it – I don’t touch alcohol 24 hours before a reading (bit like pilots but less of a window!).

      Interesting to see your blog growing.



  2. Lucy Langley says:

    Wow what a spooky but good experience! Being present is as you say very important so that we can notice the signs and what is going on around us. My psychic dreams tend to be about something that is happening at the time but I don’t know it, like when I had nightmares all night about my work mate being killed in an accident and sadly he was that very night I was dreaming, killed in a car crash.

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for commenting! The dream state can definitely be one place where those intuitive hits come in. So sorry to hear about your work colleague. Sometimes as John Edward, one of my favorite psychic mediums says, we just see these things because we are on that wavelength, not because we particularly want to, we just do.



  4. Thanks Sarah for sharing interesting story. Good presentation about present and describing it in a new way.

    • Thanks for saying so…often premonitions are a conglomeration of different experiences, visions and thoughts that are all ‘entangled’, it’s just difficult for our 3D brains to know the difference sometimes.



  5. What a powerful story! I believe it’s so important to share experiences like this so that others come to understand that intuition is inherent in all of us — we just have to tune in to reap the benefit!

  6. Lelani says:


    I actually have been experiencing rather strange feelings in july two weeks before my grandfather passed away I would sit an cry as if I had lost someone and the pain was so intense, then this morning I woke up and on my way to work I told my finace that someone one was going to die and that I didn’t know it was, and that I had a sharp pain in my chest but I left it there, an hour later one of the ladies at work found out her brother had died in his car of a heart attack more or less around the time I felt this feeling. Please tell me that this is normal and what does this mean??? I went to a braai last weekend at their friends house but I have never had contact with her brother.

    • Hi Lelani thanks for posing this question – also sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing and the unusual symptoms you are feeling at the moment.

      We are going theough a spiritual awakening on the planet – this means that many people’s intuitive gifts are awakening too.

      It’s possible that you have awakening skills as an empath and also precognitive psychic awareness as part of your awakening. It’s also possible that you are an awakening spiritual medium too since the symptoms you describe relate to people who are transitioning through the veil.

      As an intuitve empath myself and a newly qualifying spiritual medium I know how odd and distressing such symptoms can be until we learn to manage them – then they become an enormous source of joy, believe it or not.

      First of all, you are not alone – many people are awakening this way and learning to manage their gifts – and help others too if they wish.

      I offer Intuitive Coaching Sessions if that resonates – I can teach you how to manage your symptoms and gifts as you progress along your Journey. Feel free to contact me at to learn more.



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  8. […] I’ve had several readers and clients ask more about premonitions after reading this post…  How Do I know if I’m having premonitions or psychic experiences? […]

  9. Letha says:

    Hi, I have some things troubling me and I was hoping to get some guidance. When I was 13 I kept having dreams for a couple months that someone in my family died . One night It was about my 10 year old brother it was so vivid I even dreamed that my aunt told me he died and exact words exchanged. A few months later my brother did die in his sleep and my aunt had been visiting and was the one who told me the exact same way as in my dream? Was this a premonition?

    I am having the dreams again and I’m worried I have also had a bad feeling for the last week.

    Yesterday my 3 year old son came to me and told me in his sleep Jesus came to his room and said he was going to die soon and not to be scared and that he would get to see his uncle David and papa Bruce.

    Uncle David is my brother who died – I never talk about him and papa Bruce is my husbands father who died ten years ago from cancer.

    My son has told me before that papa Bruce visited him. One night he told us papa Bruce said ‘call Honey’ which is his grandma papa Bruce’s wife. We did and she ended up having a stroke that night. Is my son having premonitions too? Is it god or spirits warning us of things about to happen. I’m very confused and scared please help . Thanks

    • Hi Letha,

      I edited your comment just so people could get a sense of what you are asking. It is really tough when we get premonitions like this which come true (referring to your story about your brother). I am so sorry for your loss. In my view of the world, we ARE spirit radios and sometimes we just tune into frequencies we would rather not hear, yet we hear them anyway.

      I think it’s likely that medium-ship abilities run in your family. It’s going to become more and more common during our spiritual awakening that children report on these experiences also to their parents and family. It can be very scary and cause worry and fear for all involved since it isn’t something that we are regularly taught about in Western society.

      I ‘knew’ a year or so before my mom passed that she would be going soon. The fact is of course that we all pass sometime, many people choose not to focus on that awareness while they are living which is a valid choice of course.

      In the case of your son’s experience, he is very young and may or may not have relayed the information he was passing to you correctly. The fact is, we will see our loved ones when we pass so he was correct in that statement. Plus, if he’s a medium, then he can see them ‘now’ anyway. Most three year olds don’t have a concept of time anyway, let alone from the perspective of the afterlife! How soon cannot be predicted with any reliability. One of my spiritual teachers tells us that we all have 5 exit points in our human life, or 5 ‘potentials’ for when we may or may not pass, depending on our choices and actions through life.

      It is entirely possible that he has an awareness of these exit points and from his 3 year old perspective was expressing his view.

      My younger daughter (also at age 3) told me once ‘Mom, I just came from Jesus and the Angels, when can I go back?’. After some deep breaths, I told her ‘Not until I have passed, and perhaps not for a long time after that either!’

      I’m sorry that this situation has caused you confusion and fear. I can only suggest that you keep talking to your son and stay open to the messages he offers you, all the time encouraging him to stay here and work with the life he has with you.

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  11. Daniel says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, I’ve followed and read through so many discussion boards, articles and forums on the topic of premonitions and dreams, but this genuinely resonated with me quite strongly. Ever since childhood I’ve had these dreams, although not as strong or as clear as you’ve described above, and no matter how small or minor (and completely random) they at some point come true, and this was before I even started on my spiritual journey this last year.

    I often struggle to recall these dreams until a few moments before or at the time of the event. I was wondering since this article is over a year old whether you’ve had any more similar experiences in terms of premonitions, and whether there is a way that you’ve found to improve recall or even awareness during lucid dreaming? (of course only if you don’t mind sharing! 🙂 )

    Either way, thank you for sharing your experience, it’s good to know that I’m not alone by any stretch!


    • Hi Daniel

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and I do very much appreciate what you said about my post!

      On the Journey (so far) the best clarity and ‘tuning’ of my spiritual gifts to date has to be my decision to start accessing my Akashic Records. For me, this started in 2010.

      In my case this increased the occurrences of Lucid Dreaming significantly and my awareness of premonitions.

      Clients who are either simply having Akashic Records Readings or learning to read the Records for themselves via my coaching course through Skype/phone are also having the same experiences.

      I would suggest Linda Howe’s excellent book ‘How to Read the Akashic Records’ if you are a self-starter and feel drawn to this work.

      Feel free to contact me if a reading or course interests you.

      In the mean time

      Wishing you the best on your Journey!


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  13. Sabrina says:

    I’ve had many things happen Sarah and it’s all hard to make sense of. I’ve seen my two children ( sometimes it feels as if they’ve been here before )

    The last time I saw a lady that used to do my readings, I left her house some how knowing that was the last time I’d see her. But not sure if something was telling me something or If it was my own imagination i dismissed it. I tried to get in touch with her a year or so down the line and found out she had passed away.

    A few weeks before my uncle died I had feelings about how I would feel if he did pass away and again I dismissed it, as I thought it was my mind wondering again.

    It’s like sometimes I know things are going to happen but can’t explain how I know and now I feel totally list as the lady who did my readings for me way kind of my guide…..

    Can you help me to understand why these things happen and how I can know/ identify when when a message is trying to get across to me.
    Thank you Sabrina

    • Hi Sabrina

      Thank you for your thoughtful response. I believe we are all Spirit Radios and that some of us can ‘tune in’ more readily than others, perhaps because of the lessons we intend to learn in this life or even that in Past Lives we have been seers or oracles before.

      Sabrina, in my opinion you are able tune in to a specific energetic frequency and sense energy in a precognitive way. I offer Akashic Records Readings and one of the ways this can help you is to unlock your ‘Spiritual Jar’ – if appropriate we can discover your previous spiritual practices or experiences in other lives and connect them with this one in order to promote acceptance, understanding and peace. Here’s a link to my readings page if it resonates.

      As with all gifts, it’s been my experience to date that understanding them better allows us to embrace them and experience greater peace, even when we see disturbing happenings on the horizon.

      Best wishes


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  16. Katie says:

    I had a dream that someone died. It was unclear who it was, but I knew someone had died. Several days later my friend’s father suddenly and unexpectedly died. A few months later, I was wondering when the life of our dog was going to end. I was petting her and contemplating this. She suddenly and unexpectedly died a few weeks after. I am only 13, and my mother has had similar premonitions. My mom and I were wondering what we can do to distinguish between a real premonition and a bad feeling that turns into anxiety. Also, we would like to develop this further, I you have any advice.
    Best Wishes,
    Katie and Kristin

    • Hi Katie and Kristin

      I’m sorry for the losses – it’s tough when we get a premonition like this. Think of it this way…we are spirit radios and sometimes premonitions stick with us when they are more emotionally loaded, so it might seem sometimes that all you are getting is the recognition of somebody (or a pet) passing soon. In that radio bandwith are lots of other little hits, but they may not grab your attention in the same way. One way to know how a premonition is not just anxiety…to begin to pay attention to the energy you are getting. Does it feel like it’s inside or outside? Did the thought just ‘pop in’ or is it something you repetitively chew over? Is it something you ‘just know’ or have thought up? Becoming more physically, mentally and emotionally aware of how your gifts manifest as compared to what is inside your head is one way to go for sure. I would also recommend you both study these two books which I’ve reviewed. (Discover your psychic type) and Psychic Intelligence by the Jamison twins (psychic twins). Both these books contain valuable info and exercises for you to practice. If you’d like further help, I offer intuitive coaching sessions. Best of luck!


  17. Megan says:

    i just recently came to the conclusion that I’m having premonitions. Yesterday I was cleaning my room and I picked up my journal and had a very bad feeling about my journal being in its usual spot on my night table but unfortunately i didn’t listen to the feeling and I left it there, later that night my boyfriend came over and headed up to my room while i finished washing dishes. When I went upstairs he looked upset turns out he decided to read my journal and found something out that upset him following that we had a big fight. Also today I took the little girl I babysit to the park and I left her for 2 seconds to throw something out and as I was headed to the garbage can I almost saw a quick flash type thing of her going down the ladder the wrong way and falling, just as i turned around I witnessed right in front of me what I knew was going to happen. I’m going to be honest I’m freaked out I had heard stories of others in my family being ‘gifted’ but I never really took the stories serious. I don’t understand why all of this is happening all of a sudden.

  18. Mariaan says:

    Hi Sarah

    I think I’ve had a few premonitions in my life as well. Although I’m not completely sure if they count as premonitions. Could you please help me make sense of it? The first one I can remember started to happen when I was 18 years old. At night I would wake up at a certain time and my cellphones screen light will go on and then off again. It would repeat for about 5 min and then it would be gone. At first it only happened during the night but became more frequent and started happening during the day as well. I thought there was something wrong with my phone, but no one could find anything wrong with it. I also have to mention the bad feeling I got each time it happened. It got worse over time and I just somehow knew it had something to do with death. This kept going for about two months and suddenly stopped when my Uncle died. The next time I had such a bad feeling was before I was in a car accident. About a minute before the accident I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to be in the car and had a strong urge to open the door and get out. Before a second car accident, I had this feeling again. This time I was about to drive. I was standing in my living room about to leave when I had the feeling that I shouldn’t get in behind the steering wheel. The last one struck me the most. I started seeing the numbers 9 11 everywhere. (Just mentioning this was long after the 911 tragedy and had nothing to do with it) I saw it mostly in the time, but not one day would go by that I didn’t see those numbers atleast 3 times. There were also knocking on my window at nights. The bad feeling I had again got worse and worse. It got so bad that each time I saw the numbers I would start to cry. I again knew that someone was going to die. About 3 months after it began, my fathers uncle, which was like a grandfather to me, died. He died on 2013/9/11. I didn’t keep these feelings and “happenings” quiet. I told my family about them and it was my mom who first realized my 9 11 “premonition” and the date. I’ve started seeing the numbers again, but now I feel like its more about the 11. I’m struggling with this a bit.I have a bad feeling about this numbers again, but I don’t know if its actually a premonition or if its just me being paranoid and afraid that I will lose someone close to me again. Is there any advise you can give me? Can you tell me more about what this is and how I can better “manage” it for the lack of a better word.

    Thank you for the help..

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  20. Brandon says:

    So I have a question… I walked into my garage earlier to throw a can into the recycling bin when I didn’t see but i felt this boy that i’ve know since kindergarten across the garage aiming a crossbow at me. I quickly began to leave the garage when my mind just started showing me shutting the door on his fingers as he’s running after me. Then manages to open the door and tackles me and stays on top of me. That’s all I remember.
    It felt like some sort of warning, like this is going to happen and that I’m meant to stop it but I don’t know how.

    It felt like it was my imagination, but at the same time it seemed so detailed and exact but also vivid.

    I don’t know what I experienced but I’m sure it was a premonition. I haven’t been so sure of something like this before.

    Any thought?

    • spiritualmom says:

      Hi Brandon

      Sorry I took a little while to reply. Here’s some things to consider when receiving a vision or premonition like this.

      Is the boy somebody you are in the process of having a disagreement with? If so, he may be sending you ‘anger spears’, a form of energetic interference which can feel very physical and very real. If it’s a long standing resentment and you are seriously worried for your safety then I would get an adult or a member of law enforcement involved.

      If it’s at the emotional level at present, I would suggest working to clear the agreement up with the person concerned.

      Hope that helps

      In the light


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