Why are you on a Spiritual Journey?

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Why are you on a Spiritual Journey?

on a spiritual journey

A Spiritual Journey – why are you on the journey?

I’m curious as to why you are here.

I can bet you have read a spiritual book or two (or twenty), perhaps you’ve attended a workshop or several, maybe you even have a crystal collection, a singing bowl, or some essential oils.

Your search is much more common and normal way of being than you might think.

We are all looking for answers, our brains are natural question creators.   There are some very common questions that we can all find ourselves mulling over in our internal worlds.

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?  (Or even – what is my Soul Purpose?)

How can I change things for the better?

As humans, our self-awareness makes us question almost everything when we are on a spiritual journey!

Perhaps you are on a spiritual journey because of an Intuitive Awakening?

On a spiritual journey, sometimes sensitive people or highly intuitive people find themselves in a place where they are receiving premonitions and visions, messages that just seem to ‘pop in’ out of nowhere.

Have you ever thought about your intuitive process?  In my experience, it is powerfully connected with the creative process.

If you are an artist, writer or another type of creative reading this page, then you will have your own highly individual way of contacting your muse.  Your muse is your inspirational energy and helps you to create new things.

You may not even be consciously aware of your individual creative process as yet.

As an example, I’ve discovered over the years that I am clairaudient.  This means I can listen to my own creative process, as well as receiving intuitive messages from various different voices.

My learning profile also matches with my clairaudient ability.

As a result, I am very good at remembering the words to music.  I can also remember details and recall them by saying them to myself.

When I write (as I am doing now), I hear the words in my head before I write them down.

Have you ever given thought to how your creative or intuitive process works?

Perhaps you found yourself on a Spiritual Journey through an Energetic Awakening?

Perhaps you started on a spiritual journey because you began to sense energy and became interested in different energy modalities?

In the Western world, we are often taught to live in our heads rather than our bodies.

The truth is though that we have a whole body which takes in sensations from the outside world in order to make ‘sense’ of them.

The more we can connect with our body when streaming data from the outside world, the more information we can process and understand.

The highly sensitive or highly intuitive person understands this process very well.   An HSP or IS can easily become overwhelmed by sensory data from the world.  This means that this type of person may need to take regular breaks or quiet time in order to process well.

Being able to take time about from the stimulating world we live in can be a challenge for a sensitive and intuitive person.  Even more so for those of us that can sense energies from other people, or other energies or entities around us.

A Loved One passes – and we find ourselves on a spiritual journey, whether we want to, or not

Many people experience unusual ways of sensing energy when a Loved One passes.

People who have had a spiritual Near Death Experience (NDE) often return to the world with enhanced awareness or abilities.

People who have mediumship skills are able to sense the energies of people who have passed over.

The majority of people may only experience those energies through the passing of a Loved One.

Some people become awakened mediums as a result of this process, this happened to Edgar Cayce, the famous Akashic Records Reader after his grandfather passed away.

For modern mediums, the same thing happened, two examples being John Edward and Tyler Henry, both experiencing deeper spiritual connection and mediumship growth after they lost family members.

And finally, you may be on a spiritual journey with an Akashic Awakening

More and more people on a spiritual journey are becoming aware of the energy of the Akashic Records.

As I progressed on my spiritual journey, I finally found many answers to my questions from the information stored in my personal Akashic Records.

It helped to explain my intuitive skills, my energetic sensitivity and has given me comfort after Loved Ones have passed.

So let me know why you are here on a spiritual journey?

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