Becoming a Mentor – channel your Spirit Guides for help

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Becoming a Mentor – channel your Spirit Guides for help

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Becoming a mentor as a parent is probably the biggest role we didn’t realize we would need to do.

I used to get asked to mentor people new to computers at work all the time, even when they were just typewriters with a fancy screen.

When you are put in a mentoring role, how can intuitive guidance help you?

Becoming a Mentor – it’s a responsibility we find ourselves in

This podcast is about becoming a Mentor.  There are many times when we are called to become mentors, even when it’s not our specific calling and we are not sure how to go about it.

To be honest, this podcast came about because I wasn’t really sure what I was going to talk about!

I asked my Spirit Guides for some help, and they immediately directed me to Caroline Myss’s beautiful Archetype Deck and told me to select 6 cards.

Channeling information with an Oracle card deck

I channeled this student-mentor archetype cycle with Caroline Myss’s beautiful Archetype Cards.

These cards contain powerful channeled archetypes.

Think of archetypes as a collection of thoughts from our collective mind that create an ideal way of being, even a role model.

Archetypes can also be negative or shadowy since we have shadows too.

In this case, though, I am working with the positive aspects of each archetype in the cycle.

This is the information that came through this month from my Guides and from Caroline Myss’s cards.

Download the supporting Show Notes here on PC/MAC, these include pictures and channeled information from the cards drawn>>

View the show notes on your phone or tablet>>

This podcast is all about the journey

What I discovered, on pulling the 6 cards that I was given, is that becoming a Mentor is a cycle. 

How do we become a Mentor in the first place?

Most of us begin as students. Sometimes, in school or college, a teacher directs us to mentor others.

Sometimes mentoring someone (even if we didn’t really want to) can lead us to magical places on the journey where we didn’t realize we could even go.

For me, mentoring people on Wang typewriters when I worked for the children’s Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 television ultimately led me into a teaching and training career.

At the time, I just read the manual because I wanted to make sure I could save my typed work!

So in that cycle, the ‘teacher’ was new technology.

The 6-step Archetype Cycle using Caroline Myss’ cards

In this 6-step Archetype Cycle, the cards that were chosen by my Guides were: –

  • Student-to-Mentor Cycle (Mentor Card)
  • Beginning the Magical Journey (The Ascent Card)
  • Loving the Self and Other (Lover Card)
  • Becoming a Parent or Nurturer (Mother Card)
  • The Scribe is Born (Scribe Card)
  • The Poet is Manifested (Poet Card)
  • The Mentor Begins Again (Back to the Mentor Card).

When we are ready, the Teacher Appears

becoming a mentor

The channeled information that came through from this card is that a Mentor is a Student in disguise. 

Wisdom is received and embodied.

The Student learns and applies the knowledge.

The Eternal Student is born.

As goes that saying,

when the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.


I’ve had the benefit of many different and unusual teachers on the journey so far.  When we work with a Teacher or Mentor, it’s very important to let them take us under their wing.

A good Mentor relationship is synchronistic and empathic, with a give-and-take of information so that both people can grow in the relationship.

Two classic archetypes showing this quality of relationship are demonstrated in the famous movie The Karate Kid.

As the Eternal Student, you now move on to The Ascent

Taking away the information you have received, you begin to move onwards and upwards to achieve a goal.

Perhaps you will move into a new life stage, or even create something.  Anything you learn or embody, in order to take things further, there needs to be some kind of personal growth.

Joseph Campbell’s magical journey ensues, where the mountain is never the same mountain on your return, and the river is never the same either.

On the way, you may grow through personal acts of heroism, or meet with other people who show you the same.

Remember, on any spiritual journey, you may also encounter monsters! These can simply be roadblocks that are intended to help you to grow.

The Lover Card – the next step to becoming a Mentor

becoming a mentor

The Light Attributes of this card are passion and devotion.  Unbridled appreciation of someone or something–we may have experienced that.

However, sometimes love can turn into obsession, or be self-destructive.  Perhaps many of us have experienced that, too.

In the cycle of the student becoming the mentor, the journey of loving another is really about discovering Self-Love.

As we learn to love ourselves, we have to naturally go through the experience of having both an open and closed heart in order to know the difference.

The understanding is that we are all one, essentially, in the Universe, we are all entangled, so loving others is always ultimately a lesson about the Self.

The Mother Card

I remember after my very first Kryon Conference, and experience of channeling, my oldest child was very small at the time, just a toddler.

Going home afterward, and thinking about that particular channeling, Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, had used the word responsibility over and over again.

I realized at that moment, the depth of responsibility in taking on a very small infant and helping to grow them to adulthood.

Parenting is such a heart-opener if we let it be so

The urge to grow something new, whether it’s becoming a parent, creating a project, idea, or even a movement, or writing a book, once we’ve learned to open our hearts, we need to expand our sense of love.

There also needs to be an understanding that karmically we are always tied to what we create on this planet.

The irony of that is that, at some point, whatever it is we’ve created needs to be let go. 

Whether that’s a child that grows into an adult, or whether it’s something that we’ve finished with, in order to create something new, we need to leave it behind.

The Scribe Card

how to become a mentor

The next card that comes up in the Student-to-Mentor journey is the Scribe card.

This card is about preserving knowledge and information. 

Recently I received some interesting information about how to feel freer with information.  Rather than ‘preserving’ information, just ‘stewarding’ it.

So, in the spiritual sense, we don’t own any knowledge and information. 

We take it on, process it, and find a way to re-transmit it in a way that is more helpful for a particular person or group of people.

Information isn’t the gift or our property, it’s a step on the ascent

Yet this information really doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to everyone as a whole.

So, any knowledge, experience, and resources–once we have achieved the Great Ascent, we’ve learned to love ourselves and we’ve created something new.

From those experiences, our knowledge and resources become crystallized into something we can transmit to others.

This is when we start to put together our own body of work, just in our mind, or through actions we take, or even written down.

That is when we are able to begin to transmit this knowledge in useful ways and share it with others.

The Poet Card


Almost the final card in this cycle, as you will see, is the Poet Card.

The Light Attribute of the Poet Card is that we express Soul Insights in symbolic language.

What is interesting about the Spiritual Journey, is that when we’ve reached a certain point in our evolution, and we’ve had the Desert Period, we’ve had the Dark Night of the Soul.

We have worked through many things in our life, and our Soul becomes able to spontaneously express our crystallized knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

At this point, the Poet is born!  Maybe we even start involuntarily mentoring other people, and then we realize that we’ve been on this cycle all along.

The Student-to-Mentor Cycle is truly an upward spiral

The truth of the matter is, that being in the cycle of being a Mentor and/or a Student has no beginning and no end.

If we can keep the student’s mind, it means that we’ll all have the opportunity to become a Mentor, over and over again.

The way I like to put it is that, in life, we’re all on the same bus, but we ride the bus in different seats. 

We all have different perspectives that we can offer to everyone else on the same journey.

Download the supporting Show Notes here on PC/MAC, these include pictures and channeled information from the cards drawn>>

View the show notes on your phone or tablet>>

View on YouTube – with slides

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