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Opening the Third Eye Chakra

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Opening the Third Eye Chakra

third eye opening by Callie Hinson
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How do I open my Third Eye?

Questions about opening the Third Eye Chakra are very common!  We want to have an active Third Eye so that we can ‘see’ ahead into the future and predict it.  At least, that is the idea that most people have about third eye openings.

In truth, you may be able to open your Third Eye, or you may not.  And it might not work the way you intended or expected, because we all have a unique vibrational pattern.

So how can you learn to open your Third Eye, and what are the benefits of doing so?

Open my Third Eye With Fries On The Side, Please!  3 Steps

third eye openingOpening your Third Eye is NOT as simple as ordering a side of fries.  It would be a whole different world if it was.

Learning to work with your Third Eye in a manner that will support your evolution involves having regular spiritual practice.  If you just want to learn to remote view, then you can physically activate your Third Eye and use it with specific methodologies.

Don’t be a Third Eye Spy

Personally, having experienced Remote Viewing training, I don’t recommend using Remote Viewing on its’ own.  There’s a whole documentary about that called Third Eye Spies.  A team of people, including Joe MacMoneagle (who I trained with) worked for the Government to use Remote Viewing as a spy tool.

This documentary does give us great inspiration and a further understanding of all of our amazing gifts and abilities.

However, using remote viewing without clear intention – or negative intention – can get you into sticky situations, even karma, in the world we currently live in.  One of the people who was a remote viewing ‘star’ in this documentary died early under suspicious circumstances and now lies in an unmarked grave.

So, be clear about why you want to open your Third Eye further and expand your clairvoyant abilities!

Begin a Spiritual Practice Instead

Along with a regular spiritual practice of meditation, you can work on visualization techniques and psychical exercises.

These work best if you align your studies with the innate gifts and talents in your Divine Soul Blueprint and the energetic capabilities you have based on your unique Human Design.

I’d also recommend the study of an energy work modality such as the EMF Balancing Technique, and an energetic practice tool to refine body skills, such as Tai Chi or Kundalini Yoga.

These types of practices combined will really get your energies buzzing and begin the process of opening up ALL of your chakras, which is the real key to Third Eye Chakra opening.  The body is an energetic tool that resonates.

Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

If you decide to practice this work, you may experience some of the following symptoms.

Unusual vibrations often occur in the forehead or crown as the Third Eye opens up or unites with other Chakras during Kundalini awakening and Kundalini rising.

Other symptoms include: –

  • Tapping or thumping sensation between the eyes
  • Sinus type headaches 
  • Increased visualization abilities including seeing a single eye when you close your eyes (this is your third eye showing itself)
  • Lucid dreams
  • Seeing auras/colors/lights (new spectrums become visible)
  • Seeing images and pictures spontaneously with your eyes closed or open.


Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms

The Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra are intimately connected, so when you start practicing new techniques to open your Third Eye, you may experience some of these symptoms, too: –

  • Tingles on the scalp
  • A feeling of wearing a hat or something pressing on the top of the head without anything being there
  • Expansion of feelings or sensations above the head or a sense of energy downloading
  • Seeing white light, or orbs, or sparkles
  • Feeling a sense of bliss or grace
  • Having a sense of connecting to an energy that is greater than self
  • Experiencing a greater connection to energies such as Guides and Ascended Masters.
  • High-pitched sounds during Kundalini awakening or rising.

Ear Chakra Opening Symptoms

You have ear chakras, believe it or not!

We all have ear chakras and can work with them to ‘turn down’ the speed or high-pitched frequency of downloads. Connecting with your Spirit Guides will help also.

We can receive energetic downloads from our Soul (the higher vibrational version of us), or from Guides, Ascended Masters, or Teachers.

Sometimes this download will present itself as a high-pitched tone or whine in one ear or both.  This tone may also switch sides in what seems a very obvious way.

You are the modem, your Higher Self is the broadband and your Soul is the data cloud! Think about the old AOL modems making those connection noises (showing my age here) and that is somewhat like what is happening to your system.

Here’s a free exercise to help you balance your Ear Chakras as you move forward on the journey of opening your Third Eye>>

So, in Summary…

To open your Third Eye,

  1. Practice meditation.  
  2. Be clear about your intentions so that you don’t incur karma as a ‘spy’.
  3. Take up regular energetic practice at the physical level.
  4. Work with ALL of your Chakras (since they are all connected).
  5. Enjoy the Spiritual Journey.

Hope this helps!

Lots of light


Original artwork by Callie Hinson 2002-2017

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