Kryon Summer Light Sedona 2012 | What is Kryon Summer Light? Kinda like TED for Lightworkers!

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Kryon Summer Light Sedona 2012 | What is Kryon Summer Light? Kinda like TED for Lightworkers!

Kryon Summer Light

Kryon Summer Light Sedona 2012 – what is Kryon Summer Light?

Kryon Summer Light

Photograph of flowers in the parking lot

This year was the 16th Kryon Summer Light conference where people have gathered from around the globe to hear Lee Carroll and others speak about the latest news we can all learn about in that space where science and spirituality meet.

Think of Kryon Summer Light as TED for Lightworkers! 🙂

If you’ve not heard of Lee Carroll, he is the author of the Indigo Children books, as well as a channel for the energy of Kryon and he has 12 Kryon books  published, now in 24 languages at the last count.

Lee travels all over the globe to share Kryon’s work…I saw him channel for the first time in Newport Beach, CA, also at the Integratron in the high desert and since then in Frederick, MD twice, plus once in Kansas City and this year in Sedona.

He is an entertaining speaker on world matters as well as an amazing channel of energy.

If you choose to visit his web site, you can listen to all the Kryon channelings for free, and he has switched off the cookie functions on the site, so no record of anyone’s visit to the site is ever recorded – and there is never a request for your email address before you can listen to the material.

The line-up was amazing at Kryon Summer Light this year

Kryon Summerlight

Before the conference, excitement building in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon High School Arts Center

Lee Carroll, who organizes Kryon Summer Light, said at the beginning of the conference that he wanted 2012 to be really great and I believe he exceeded everybody’s expectations.

I was able to attend Kryon Summer Light for the first 3 days and the line-up was…

  • Jan Tober led meditations and set the energy and space for the channelings every day.
  • Drs Amber and Sid Wolf gave us new ways to balance and think about our energy by giving us examples of their work at the Phoenix Healing Center located in Longmont, CO.
  • Medical Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and medical pioneer (Oh-vo-kite-iss) appeared on days 2 and 3 to inform us of his latest work with his company Gematria and to introduce us to the world of pineal toning.
  • Author and speaker Gregg Braden was the keynote speaker on days 2 and 3 – opening our eyes to the world of ancient spiritual practice and explaining that he connects with indigenous people around the world using tea and flutes.  Most indigenous peoples love both!
  • Music by Robert Coxon, an accomplished composer and channeler of music.
  • Pepper Lewis channeled Gaia, (the energy of the Earth) on days 2 and 3.

We started at 9am and most days finished at 6.30-7pm(ish).  It was a packed 3 days at Kryon Summer Light which included events known and unknown!

Almost 700 people at Kryon Summer Light – location – Sedona Red Rock High School

Kryon Summer LightAs Lee said on day 3, these events are always amazing and afterwards he wonders if it was just a dream!

There were around 700 of us there for the first 3 days, and more coming for day 4, when 6 channelers would be present onstage.  If anyone reads this review and would like to publish a write-up of day 4 – let me know.

So what did I learn at Kryon Summer Light?  I think the question could better be phrased as what didn’t I learn at Kryon Summerlight?!

Here’s a summary, anyway…of key points and highlights from my perspective.  What I took in and learned at Kryon Summerlight is nowhere near as great as the effect created from having a group of people get together with the intention to heal the Earth.  I know, may sound fluffy bunny and woo woo to some reading this…but it just IS!

Each speaker deserves a post of their own, but this post is intended to whet your whistle, so here goes…some of what I learned…

  • how to balance our brain cortices.
  • that scientists are beginning to view the vagus nerve as a hugely important part of our healing (at last!).
  • how to observe our own energy in order to assist with healing.
  • ‘Junk’ DNA is going to be proven to be much more important than science currently thinks it is.
  • Cold slows down electrons and enables us to demonstrate quantum entanglement and levitation – scientifically – NOW – check out and hold on to your brain!
  • Many indigenous peoples’ creation stories include extra-terrestrial origins that are very similar.
  • The crystalline nature of aspirin can now be changed so that miniscule doses of this drug (and others) work many times better than the original dose (in aspirin’s case, 3-5 minutes).
  • Humans are not ‘hard-wired’ to fight neurologically speaking and nature is NOT based on the survival of the strongest – co-operation is a survival strategy.
  • Ice core history from glaciers shows that human evolution and greater growth correlates with solar activity peaks.
  • Modern humans are NOT in fact descended from Neanderthals.
  • 400 scientific studies show us that Darwin is wrong yet his theories are still being taught in schools.

So all that and more at Kryon Summer Light in a beautiful setting in unparalleled scenery and the very particular energy that only Sedona can provide.

To see the official scrapbook photo album, click here.

Kryon Summer Light

Who wouldn’t want this view as part of their school campus?

But there was more than that at Kryon Summer Light

We had our very own strange energetic phenomenon, which everyone dubbed ‘the Sedona Effect’.

Despite much testing of equipment leading up to the conference and before the conference started, the wireless connections between the projector and the computers producing the slides occasionally decided to show us blue screens for several seconds, much to the audience’s amusement, since most of the time the screens would flick back to normal as soon as the speaker turned back to the screen.

We noticed by day 3 of Kryon Summer Light that the Sedona Effect had sped up significantly – no one could fix it or figure it out but it was cause for much hilarity.

Also at Kryon Summer Light a wonderful surprise – two of the attendees had asked Lee to perform a wedding for them during the conference (he’s an Ordained Minister).

It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards Robert Coxon channeled some live music just for the bride.

Be great to see you at another Kryon Summer Light!

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