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What is my Life Purpose?

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What is my Life Purpose?

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How can I discover my Life Purpose?

What is the purpose of life?  Wouldn’t it be simple if we could just look up our Soul Purpose and Life Purpose on a list?  Then it would just be a question of going and doing it, instead of trying to find purpose in life through trial and error.

I sometimes joke with my clients about that, but the truth of the matter is a little more complex.

We are Souls who have chosen this particular lifetime to incarnate, and there are many factors in play.

We chose our current incarnation with our Soul Council, and, while making that choice, consider: –

Think of your present life’s incarnation as a moveable feast that your Soul chose.  Your purpose in life is part of the Soul’s intention to work on its’ karmic clearing.

When we incarnate we print our ‘ticket’

life purpose

What ticket on the Incarnation Bus did you choose?

Once we lean into the wind of birth as a soul, about 3 months, or 88 days of solar arc, our soul begins to attach to our body in utero.

This creates an electromagnetic imprint of how we will act and behave in this life, based on certain planetary and genetic imprints.  Then, on the day of our birth, a second ‘ticket’ is imprinted with further genetic and planetary imprints.

These ‘tickets’ relate to our subconscious mind (created 3 months before birth) and our conscious mind, or personality, ‘printed’ or even imprinted on the day we are born.

This information comes from an Aquarian measurement tool called Human Design, and I’ve been studying Human Design with a mentor for the last 6 months.

These two electromagnetic imprints create the purpose of life.

Great – so now I have my Life Purpose – I can just go and do it, right?

Yes, in one sense, that is true!

However, for many of us, we have come here also to clear karma, learn Life Lessons or Themes and grow our conscious awareness, as previously mentioned.

So, sometimes, these things can get in the way of our Life Purpose, because our Soul chose this route to our Life Purpose as part of our journey.

The really interesting thing is – when we do discover our Life Purpose – it resonates with our whole being.  It may have been a life-long dream that we have shelved.  Or perhaps we are partially living our Purpose through a perspective of our career, home life, or life situation.

It may be that when we do discover our Life Purpose, it really resonates, but we have to either change something about ourselves, our situation in life, or even our relationships, in order to achieve our Purpose.

How to find Purpose in Life?

Being able to live our Life Purpose is just one of the challenges our Soul takes us on in any particular incarnated life.

In my case, when I learned my Life Purpose, it is a direction I have been heading in for a while, so it was validating for me, but I still have work to do in order to align with it completely.

Sometimes, we are born with a powerful awareness of our life purpose, but our family influences can push us out of it.

A classic example of this is someone wanting to be an artist, for example, and their parents pushing them into a ‘safer’ route, such as college or a profession.

Paulo Coelho, a famous spiritual author, was put in a mental institution by his parents for a while because he declared he wanted to be a writer!  He was born in Brazil at a time when it was a dictatorship, and society was very controlled.  His father wanted him to become an engineer, but he knew he would be unhappy in that role.

His life purpose is to self-actualize through transformation.  Now, he could have chosen any route.  In this era, writing has been a great way for people to free their throats and speak their individual truths.

life purposeIn fact, when we review Paula Coelho’s Human Design Chart, he has more throat gates active than I have ever seen in anyone before!  (The brown square in the diagram represents the throat chakra, and the red circles the active genetics, or gates).

Over time, Paulo persisted in his desire to actualize his Purpose, and many wonderful books have been the result.  The Alchemist is probably his best-known work and is now read all over the world.

With that many active Throat Chakra gates, he was going to express himself somehow, some way!  He aligned with his own natural instincts, despite what his parents and society told him.  That way, he was able to find the purpose of life.

Cultural influences and social connections can also push us out of our Life Purpose.   These may be strong energetic forces we don’t yet know how to control in this lifetime.  Yet, our Soul may have set us on exactly this challenge!

Do you feel like you want to know your Life Purpose?  Or maybe, you have an inkling of your Life Purpose.  You may have even found it!

Back to my Human Design Journey

Having worked on my own Divine Soul Blueprint, I was able to align more fully with my gifts, talents, and abilities.  Learning about my Life Purpose was just as validating.

My work there has helped me to understand all the strange and unusual experiences I have had in my life to date.  Because I have this awareness, I can help bring these realizations to life for my clients, too.

Working with my Human Design Mentor was clarifying in so many ways.  I was able to interpret many of my actions and decisions in my present life from a whole new perspective.  This journey is still unfolding for me.

I have a Life Purpose which involves understanding where I have traveled from as a Soul.  My Life Purpose is also about bringing Divine Light to life in this world, both for myself and others.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about your Life Purpose!  You can start today with the Life Purpose Human Design Reading.

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